What is the PLATINUM 8?

The PLATINUM 8 is a set of principles that everyone at PlatinumGames, from developers to board members, should follow in their work. Following these principles will help us fulfill our mission as a company.

During your day-to-day work, you’ll occasionally encounter setbacks. When you’re faced with adversity, the PLATINUM 8 can help you get back on track. These principles should guide our actions and inform all of our decisions.

The principles of the PLATINUM 8 form the basis for several rules and guidelines to follow.

Where does the PLATINUM 8 come in?

The PlatinumGames Mission


Rules of Employment, company manuals, guidelines, etc.

The PlatinumGames Mission

By creating top-quality games that surprise and delight,
PlatinumGames aims to become number one in player satisfaction –
Not only in Japan, but all over the world.


1. Everyone’s a creator.

We keep our individual spirit of creativity close to mind at all times. At PlatinumGames, you’re a creator – whether you’re one of the Game Creators who directly work on our titles, or one of the Corporate Creators who support the company as a whole.

Game Creators create fun video games.

Corporate Creators create a comfortable, functional work environment in which those games can be made.

Our motto is “CREATE or DIE.”
That means we work to ensure that every member of PlatinumGames feels motivated to try new things, share unique ideas, and act in revolutionary ways.

2. “Top quality” is not enough.

All of our games are made with one unchanging goal: “Over-quality.”

By cooperating, we can achieve higher levels of quality than one person could ever reach on their own. We aim not for 100%, but 120% quality in everything we do.

Everyone is a creator – and every creator is responsible for making their games fun. If we all bear this responsibility, we’ll be rewarded with truly Platinum-quality games.

All of our Game Creators constantly aim for “over-quality,” trying to surpass players’ expectations, game after game.

3. The entire world is in our sights.

Our mission is to create games that delight players, no matter where they live. We’re aiming to be number one in player satisfaction, not just in Japan, but everywhere.

That’s why we keep our sights firmly set on the entire world.

We aren’t content to keep things the way they are. Instead, we constantly push as hard as we can towards meeting the next challenge. If we strive together towards new heights, we’ll make PlatinumGames into a world-class, one-of-a-kind game studio.

4. Players are our top priority.

If our games have any value, it’s because of the players who play them.

That’s why we always keep the players in mind, and try to put ourselves in their positions as we create. This means we must be ready to make sacrifices for the players’ benefit.

This doesn’t only apply to Game Creators! We also foster an environment where players can play comfortably and safely, and properly manage the information that we share with them, to earn and keep their trust as a developer.

5. We value and respect our teammates.

Our team is made up of people who share the same hunger to bring fun video games into the world.

We refuse to discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, orientation, religion or nationality.

Recognizing diversity and accepting different viewpoints is vital, not only for making fun games, but also for building a better company. We actively create an atmosphere where perspectives can be shared and discussions can take place with ease.

6. We’ll try anything.

If there’s ever a question over whether or not to try something, the answer at PlatinumGames is simple: Do it!

If an idea seems interesting, try it. If something seems like it could benefit the company, suggest it. We value this initiative, and recognize that ideas worth trying can come from anyone.

If an idea turns out not to work, tweak it and try again. If a suggestion doesn’t work out, start thinking of the next thing. If any approach doesn’t work, it’s time to come up with a new one.

Moving quickly from idea to action is a great way to gain new insights and benefits.

7. We are always thankful.

We always show appreciation to the people who help us create our games and strengthen our company.

Nobody can make a video game all by themselves. PlatinumGames relies on cooperation, from both inside and outside the company, to make our titles.

That’s why we always endeavor to repay those who help us with gratitude and generosity. Our thankful spirit keeps our personal and professional relationships productive, positive and fair.

8. We approach everything and everyone with sincerity.

Whether dealing with our coworkers, working with partners, or acting as a whole company, we make a conscious effort to act with sincerity and integrity.

Making games is our calling. We work hard to contribute to global society by making people happy with our games.

Carefully following the guidelines we’ve set for ourselves and approaching our work with sincerity and integrity will lead to greater success.

We treat our outside partners honestly and fairly. We ensure that all of our work is done in good faith and in strict compliance with the law.

It goes without saying that these are the foundations of working with sincerity.