Scalebound is the latest great adventure from renowned PlatinumGames director Hideki Kamiya.

Embark on an epic and dangerous journey across a faraway land like none you’ve ever seen. There, you’ll encounter ground-shakingly massive beasts, and meet the only being that can stand against their overwhelming stampede: the last living member of a sacred race – a dragon.

You and your dragon are this world’s final hope. Only your bond can save Draconis.

Platform: Xbox One, Windows 10 | Genre: Action RPG | Players: 1-4 | Release Date: 2017 | Price: $59.99, £49.99, €69.99 (MSRP) Xbox Play Anywhere title (Xbox One and Windows 10 PC versions included with single digital purchase at no additional cost)| ESRB Rating: RP | Publisher: Microsoft Studios | Developer: PlatinumGames Inc. | © Microsoft |

“Scalebound” supports cross-save between Xbox One and Windows 10, so you can seamlessly switch between devices and pick up where you left off. *Online multiplayer requires Xbox Live Gold subscription (sold separately)

Draconis – a strange, beautiful and dangerous world

A young man named Drew finds himself pulled into Draconis, a world of natural wonder and peril. There, he meets the most unexpected of allies: Thuban, the last dragon.
They battle with enemy armies and gigantic monsters on an adventure to save Draconis from the sinister forces that threaten it. You’ll watch this unusual pair grow together, their bond forged in intense battles between enormous beasts across the backdrop of a vast world.


Drew is a regular guy in his early twenties, ripped out of our own world and stranded in the parallel world of Draconis.
He is reckless and bold, but his brash exterior hides a vulnerable side.
As he finds his lifeforce mysteriously bound with that of the dragon Thuban, he wrestles with the fate thrust upon him as he struggles to survive in an unfamiliar world.

The dragons that once roamed free throughout Draconis have long been extinct – except for one.
Thuban’s tremendous strength lets him go head-to-head with countless wild beasts. Though Thuban doesn’t speak any human language, he and Drew gradually form a connection through the course of their adventure.


Fast, stylish action

As Drew, you can charge head-on into the high-speed, stylish combat action you’ve come to expect from PlatinumGames. But you can also command your dragon to attack gigantic foes, and fluidly chain attacks into devastating combos that unleash the combined power of man and beast!
Whatever your strategy, thrilling, large-scale battles await you on Draconis.

Together with Thuban, you’ll go head-to-head and horn-to-horn with legions of enemy soldiers and fantastic creatures alike as you explore the beautiful and dangerous world of Draconis.

Grow stronger by gathering items and equipment, and grow your dragon into even more powerful forms to create a character all your own!

Your teamwork with Thuban – how you command him, how you support him – will be key to moving forward in your adventure.

Online Co-Op

Adventure on your own, or join forces with other players and their dragons and explore Drew’s story together. Team up to take down massive monsters!


Upgrading Drew’s equipment and skills

Earn skill points from battle and collect gems from crystallized enemies to gain new weapons and items, as well as learn a variety of skills that will assist you on your adventure.
Weapons can wear out with use, and you can only carry so many items at a time, so effectively managing your equipment will be the key to combat. You can also use skill points to power up Drew’s formidable Dragon Form.

Dragon Form

Harness the mysterious Pulse energy that flows through Drew’s right arm to unleash astonishing power. In Dragon Form, Drew’s entire body is covered with armored scales and capable of superhuman action.

Customizing your dragon

Use gems from crystallized enemies to grow and strengthen your dragon as well. Customize not only his equipment and abilities, but also his appearance and role in combat. Will you choose a fast, agile two-legged dragon, or a heavy and powerful four-legged dragon? The choice is yours as you customize Thuban to suit your own unique play style.

When Drew’s ready for battle, he slips on his headphones to really get in the zone. Enjoy a wide range of music to accompany your combat experience!



Gameplay trailer at E3 2016

Check out the first multiplayer co-op gameplay footage shown at the Xbox E3 Briefing 2016.


Gameplay trailer at gamescom 2015

The first trailer showing gameplay footage of Scalebound is released at the Xbox Gamescom Briefing at gamescom 2015 in Cologne, Germany.


Xbox gamescom 2015
Media Briefing (17:06)

Director Hideki Kamiya introduces the game and shows gameplay for the first time.


IGN First

Scalebound is given an exclusive IGN First feature, with interviews with the crew and more new information.


Official Twitter account @Scalebound launched


Announcement trailer at E3 2014

Director Hideki Kamiya announces Scalebound for the Xbox One.
The announcement trailer is shown at the Xbox E3 2014 Media Briefing.