【非表示】Tokyo Office

About our Tokyo Office

Three pillars of support

Our auxiliary office in Tokyo was established to meet the following goals:

  • First, to recruit and maintain a talented staff in the world-class city of Tokyo.
  • Second, to explore and implement new technologies and work cultures previously unused at PlatinumGames.
  • Third, to establish a distributed development structure spanning Japan, from Tokyo to our main office in Osaka.
  • At the Tokyo Office, you’ll work to strengthen our company’s development ability by helping us form these pillars.

    PlatinumGames’ Tokyo office is currently hiring for the following positions:

  • Programmer
  • Game designer
  • Concept artist
  • Character modeler
  • Environment artist
  • Animator
  • VFX artist
  • UI artist
  • Sound designer
  • Please see the corresponding page for each of these positions for more details.


    PlatinumGames Inc. Tokyo Office
    6F Axior Mita
    3-1-17 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
    108-0073, Japan


    “Working to harness strengths of both Osaka and Tokyo for the perfect combination”

    【非表示】Tokyo Office

    Why was the Tokyo Office established?

    “I’d love to work at PlatinumGames, but moving to Osaka would be a little rough…”
    That’s something we hear a lot when recruiting in eastern Japan.
    At PlatinumGames, we want the best talent we can get, and we won’t let geographical distance stand in the way. That’s the number-one reason we established our Tokyo office: to create a new link to an even larger pool of eager talent.

    What sort of games do you make at the Tokyo office?

    PlatinumGames’ name is synonymous with action titles, but we aren’t strictly limited by genre. As our main goal is to explore new technologies and work cultures, we strive to transcend genre; of course, we make action games, but we also take on RPGs, simulation games and more. As long as it’s fun, we’re ready to take on any challenge regardless of genre.
    One day, the PlatinumGames Tokyo office will create its own full projects, with its own unique flavor.

    Describe your connection to the main office in Osaka.

    For the most part, we work on separate games – Osaka on their projects, and the Tokyo office on our own. But that doesn’t mean we don’t work together! Both offices are focused on developing their individual strengths and working together to make PlatinumGames’ development even better.
    For example, if Osaka is working on a project and the ideal concept artist works in Tokyo, or there’s a programmer in Osaka who specializes in a networking implementation necessary for a Tokyo project, we cooperate even though our offices are far apart. We strive to create a relationship where we can develop games together like we were right next door.

    What would you tell someone who’s considering applying to PlatinumGames?

    PlatinumGames’ Tokyo office is brand-new. It takes a lot of power and know-how to establish a new branch like this, but if those challenges are appealing to you, and you can focus wholeheartedly on your position to help us grow even stronger, we’re looking forward to working with you in Tokyo!


    We’re looking for:

  • Self-motivated applicants who want to be actively involved in their work environment
  • Applicants who can take an objective view to provide flexible solutions to problems within their team
  • Eager applicants with an appetite for a challenge

  • Qualifications:

    All applicants must be over the age of 18. Tokyo office applicants must have at least five years of experience in the game industry. Leadership/management experience and/or outsourcing management experience at a game studio, or interest in the same, is preferred.
    PlatinumGames is an equal-opportunity employer and does not base hiring decisions on the race or citizenship of applicants.

    Language Requirements:

    For you to be your best at PlatinumGames, Japanese is needed for communication with other members of our team. A good rule of thumb is a minimum of a Japanese Language Proficency Test N3 level, with N2 level preferred. For experienced applicants with exceptional skills but lower Japanese abilities, PlatinumGames encourages you to make efforts to learn Japanese and communicate in the office while on the job, with a shared understanding that gaining a strong Japanese communication ability will be integral to your success in our office environment.


    The documents described below must be submitted in the Japanese language. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Required materials

    If you’re interested in applying, please submit the following by postal mail:

    • Your resume in Japanese rirekisho format, including a recent photograph
    • Your curriculum vitae, describing your work experience and formatted at your discretion
    • Work samples (see below)

    Please include a valid computer e-mail address with your resume – not a phone e-mail address.
    Please be aware that we will not be able to return submitted materials. Please submit copies of any essential documents.
    Contents of applications are kept strictly confidential.

    Work samples
    Game Designer applicants:

    Please describe relevant experience you have in the games industry, including detailed descriptions of your duties and responsibilities in any completed projects. Please also submit any relevant design documents you’ve created. (Formatted at your discretion.)

    Artist applicants:

    Please submit illustrations, drawings, photographs/video, etc. demonstrating your skills and artistic ability.
    You may submit these works in any form and in any amount you feel appropriate to give us a complete sense of your abilities. No specific content is required. Feel free to submit copies of copyable work.
    Please include a document containing your own commentary on your work, as well as a description of any tools or software used in its creation. If the work in question was a group project, please clearly indicate which portions were created under your supervision.
    We accept work examples on paper, digitally on CD or DVD, or on VHS. Please select the medium you feel most suitable for your work. For example, hard copy printouts are typically best for illustrations, and DVDs are typically best for digital images or video.

    Sound Designer applicants:

    Please describe relevant experience you have in the games industry, including detailed descriptions of your duties and responsibilities in any completed projects.
    Please also submit music, sound effects, MA, demonstrating your audio production skills. You may submit these works in any form and in any amount you feel appropriate to give us a complete sense of your abilities. No specific content is required.

    Programmer applicants:

    If you have experience in game development, please include a detailed description of your duties and responsibilities in any completed projects in your resume.

    Application period We are always accepting applications for this position unless otherwise noted. Please be aware that the availability of positions may change in accordance with our needs.
    Address Please address your application materials to:
    PlatinumGames Inc. Attn: Hiring manager (web)
    Tower West 8F, Umeda Sky Building
    1-1-30 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
    531-6108, Japan
    Selection process Applicants are initially screened based on the application materials outlined above.
    All applicants will be notified of the results of this screening within ten business days after receipt of their application. (Please be aware that extenuating circumstances may delay this reply.)
    Applicants who pass this initial screening will proceed to in-person interviews at our offices in Osaka, Japan.
    Questions? Please first read the FAQ.
    If your questions aren’t covered there, please contact our hiring department by e-mail
    E-Mail :
    Inquiries in Japanese only, please.