We at PlatinumGames are excited to announce that we’re developing two new titles in collaboration with Cygames:
LOST ORDER and GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link, revealed at Cygames NEXT 2016 on August 21.

Both of these projects are entirely new experiences for us: Lost Order will be PlatinumGames’ first-ever smartphone title, and GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link is our first console game based on an extremely popular smartphone franchise.

As a game developer, of course we’ve long considered both consoles and smartphones to be viable platforms for our products. Up until now, though, we have always focused on creating experiences for console and PC. The main reason for that is that we considered these platforms the most suitable for delivering products using high-level technology. However, the improved capabilities that come with the evolution of smart devices have become a source of inspiration to us, and we feel these devices offer unique ways of expressing ourselves through our content. From here on out, we will participate more actively in development for mobile platforms through titles such as LOST ORDER, while at the same time maintaining the development of high-end game content for consoles, such as the upcoming Scalebound and NieR:Automata, as our primary axis. We aim to keep bringing our fans the quality they expect from PlatinumGames, regardless of the platform.

With LOST ORDER, we are working with renowned creators, and with GRANBLUE FANTASY Project Re:Link, we are teaming up with a new partner who’s a major player in the smartphone field. Going forward, we hope to gain even more opportunities to work with a variety of creative minds from the industry in order to bring our current and future fans fresh and exciting content.
PlatinumGames is moving into an exciting new future – I hope you’ll join us.

PlatinumGames Inc.
President & CEO Kenichi Sato

*Please note that this is a translation of a blog post on our Japanese website.
No official announcement has been made regarding Western releases of these titles.

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