Making the future fun.

Over ten years ago, we established PlatinumGames with one goal: To put Japan’s best foot forward in the international games industry by diving head-first into creating unique games that surprise and delight players. It hasn’t been easy, but the efforts of our hardworking staff have certainly paid off. We’ve created several high-quality titles and made PlatinumGames a household name to dedicated gamers all over the world.

The video games industry has undergone some dramatic changes in recent years. Smartphones and tablets have brought new platforms with their own native applications into the hands of more prospective players than ever. Traditional console games have evolved along with advances in network technology, giving us all exciting new ways to play together. Looking towards the future, we see the promise of virtual reality drawing ever nearer. The near future will bring tremendous changes to our ideas of what video games can be. We’re rapidly moving towards a borderless era for games and their platforms.

So where is our place at this generational crossroads? At PlatinumGames, we see these changes as fertile ground where all the know-how we’ve gained through years of game development experience can truly bloom. In other words, it’s a great chance for us to share our games with both current gamers and a wider audience than ever before. As we move forwards, we’ll connect with the best that several fields have to offer – with the video game business always at our core, of course – to push our horizons further and further. This is the path we must take to meet our goal of satisfying players like no other studio in an ever-changing games industry.

We will continue making digital entertainment that surpasses expectations, not only for traditional consoles, but also for the growing variety of platforms available to today’s – and tomorrow’s – gamers. Over the past ten years, we’ve brought fun and entertainment into the lives of many, and we hope to expand their happiness to players of all stripes. Platinum maintains its luster forever – and I want to share our luster with the world.

President and CEO
Kenichi Sato