Gameplay Video and Streaming Guidelines

Thank you for your continued support of PlatinumGames. We are very grateful for your intent to make creative and alluring content using our titles, for which PlatinumGames owns or controls the IP rights (“PlatinumGames Titles”) and happy to support you in sharing your work, and in the spirit of doing so have defined a set of guidelines that we would like you to familiarize yourselves with and follow when making video content or streaming.


Titles Covered by These Guidelines

These guidelines apply only to the PlatinumGames Titles listed below.
For titles other than those listed below, please consult the IP rights holders of those titles.

PlatinumGames Titles
The Wonderful 101: Remastered
World of Demons
The Wonderful One: After School Hero


To Potential Video Creators/Streamers of PlatinumGames Titles

Please follow these guidelines when considering creating and uploading video content or streaming for non-commercial purposes use when featuring PlatinumGames Titles.
If there are already title-specific guidelines in place for any PlatinumGames Titles, please prioritize those guidelines above these guidelines.


Creating and Uploading Gameplay Videos

We look forward to seeing your gameplay videos, commentary, and other video content with your own creative input. Videos created for non-commercial purposes may be uploaded to video sharing sites or personal, non-commercial sites belonging to individuals.

*Official monetization via the YouTube Partner Program or similar programs on other video sharing sites is permitted.
Please note, videos containing the IP of third parties may only be uploaded with the permission of the holder of the rights of those IP.



Please be sure to clearly label your content if it will include spoilers for story content, so that those who prefer to avoid them can do so.



-Please refrain from uploading gameplay video content before the official release date. However, videos that cover gameplay demo content of the PlatinumGames Titles, which has been made available to the public, may be uploaded.

-Please refrain from extracting in-game assets such as voice, music, character or item art, or in-game movies and uploading them individually, and please refrain from republishing or uploading officially released video, art, or printed content.

-Please refrain from uploading video content that infringes on the rights of PlatinumGames or any third parties.

-Please refrain from uploading any video content that includes misconduct like hacking or cheating, or that may otherwise interfere with services provided by PlatinumGames.

-Please refrain from claiming to receive licensing or sponsorship from or to be in collaboration with PlatinumGames employees or affiliates if factually incorrect.

-Please be aware that video content found to be in violation of laws, public order, or guidelines set forth by PlatinumGames, or otherwise found to be inappropriate by PlatinumGames, may be reported for removal to the corresponding video sharing site or subjected to legal action without prior warning.

*These guidelines are intended for individuals intending to upload video content for non-commercial purposes. We advise corporate entities considering uploading video content to contact PlatinumGames directly at:

*The guidelines are applicable only to IP for which PlatinumGames holds the rights. Please consult the appropriate rights holders with regard to third party IP. Please note that we will not be able to respond to individual inquiries with regard to such third-party IP.

*PlatinumGames reserves the right to change these guidelines as necessary at any time. Please act in accordance with the latest version of these guidelines.



Q: What kinds of videos and images are permissible under these guidelines?

A: Videos and images taken with the onboard capture functions of platforms or within corresponding titles. When creating video content that does not use these features, please be sure to include your original and creative elements.


Q: What kind of sites are “video sharing sites?”

A: Sites like YouTube and Twitch, as well as privately maintained video upload sites.

Please avoid uploading video content to sites that violate laws or public order.


Q: Is it possible to have video content checked to see if it follows these guidelines?

A: We will not be able to respond to individual inquiries. Please use this FAQ and the guidelines themselves to determine whether your content is in line with the guidelines.


Q: What will happen to videos released prior to the release of these guidelines?

A: Videos that do not deviate from these guidelines will receive no action from PlatinumGames.


Q: Can videos on Bayonetta or NieR:Automata be uploaded?

A: These guidelines apply only to titles for which PlatinumGames owns or controls the IP rights. Please be sure to check “Titles Covered by These Guidelines,” and contact the appropriate rights holders with regard to all other titles.


Last Updated Jun 22, 2023