PlatinumGames is introducing a new exhilarating combat action title, World of Demons.

PlatinumGames thrust players into a fantastical world full of yokai - a class of supernatural monsters and spirits from Japanese folklore.

Players will assume the role of a samurai leading an army of yokai minions as they embark on a mission against evil. The game is set in a beautiful environment inspired by traditional Japanese artwork with gorgeous stages pulled from ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Along the way, they’ll meet samurai allies and a menagerie of yokai, each with their own techniques and combo possibilities. Players will expand their arsenal of abilities to conquer all foes that stand before them, ultimately facing the fearsome Shuten Doji, lord of all oni.

Sharpen your steel as this samurai tale is about to begin.

Genre: Action | Rating 12+ | Developer: PlatinumGames Inc. | © PlatinumGames Inc.

World of Demons is no longer available to download on Apple Arcade as of January 18 2024. We extend our gratitude to all players who have enjoyed the game since release.

01.05.2024 | Regarding end of service
06.07.2022 | Gameplay Video and Streaming Guidelines



Digital soundtrack for World of Demons, featuring 8 songs carefully chosen by our composers, now available for download!

Song showcase and special making-of/orchestral recording videos also released.


Parade of Yokai Trailer

The new World of Demons “Yokai Parade Trailer” spotlights scores of the inhabitants of this mystical yet dangerous world.


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PlatinumGames’ all-new action game World of Demons out now on Apple Arcade!