What is a character modeler?

Give form to your imagination!

From charming heroes to hideous beasts, video games are populated with all kinds of characters with unique weapons and equipment. Character modeling artists shape these characters and establish how they look and feel.
As a character modeler, you’ll create the faces of our games – literally and figuratively – and in doing so, establish the most direct source of emotional impact and player investment.

Detailed workflow

Modeling with 3D tools

Our character modelers begin with designs from our concept artists and use digital content creation software to bring them into the third dimension. They add and weight joints to determine how characters can move – creating the perfect canvas for our animators.

Giving it texture

A model without textures is a blank slate. Our character modelers use Photoshop to create the textures that determine characters’ visual appearances. Whether working from photographs or starting from scratch, character artists get their textures just right, then apply them to models in Maya to make sure everything fits together nicely.
They also apply shaders to put those finishing touches on the look and feel of a character. At PlatinumGames, we create normal map textures with ZBrush or similar software.

Try it in the game

After texturing, character modelers test their models out in-game to see how they’ll look.

Bring it to life!

Once the game’s director and designers have given the character their OK, our programmers add them to the game. Animators and VFX artists are notified of the new character and get to work to bring them to life. At last, the character is home in the game, ready to be fine-tuned until they’re Platinum perfect.


Other duties

Character design

Concept artists create most of the designs for major characters, but our character modelers themselves contribute additional design elements as they model minor characters, ensuring that every character in our games is complete and interesting.

Creating in-game mechanisms

Let’s say there’s a large bridge in the background that looks like it could move, to provide a perfect opportunity for the player to interact with the world around them. Our character modelers work with data from our environment artists to make the scenery itself as lifelike and active as their characters.

Hanging objects

Many characters require special treatment for parts of their bodies or clothing that hang downwards – draping robes, loose chains, etc. In the simplest cases, programmers can handle this on their own, but more complex characters need special handling to work effectively with the latest cloth physics tools. Our character modelers ensure that all parts of their characters are expressive and of high quality.


“A character-building career”

Character Modeler

Please tell us about your prior experience, and what brought you to PlatinumGames.

I worked as a character modeler for video games before coming to Platinum, and I was hungry for a chance to push my skills to a higher level. Just as I was thinking about how to move my career forward, a friend of mine told me about PlatinumGames, so I applied.

What’s the atmosphere like at PlatinumGames?

When I first arrived, I noticed that in a lot of ways, the atmosphere at Platinum feels more “free” than other places I’ve worked. I still feel that way today, not least because PlatinumGames is a company where anyone can make their opinion heard, regardless of office hierarchy. Everyone has a very strong personal relationship as well.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

When I’m able to make people happy! This isn’t a job you do for yourself – you do it because you want people to play with the things you’ve created. When players enjoy your work, that’s the biggest payoff of all.
I also really enjoy it when I know I’ve managed to convey a character’s unique personality, and create parts that suit them perfectly.

What ‘s the appeal of PlatinumGames for you?

As I said before, anyone here can make their opinions heard, regardless of their position. PlatinumGames also offers a lot of chances for advancement – motivated employees are often given new opportunities they might not expect elsewhere.

What are your personal goals as a character modeler?

Modeling tools are constantly evolving, and of course I hope to keep up with their progress. Along with that, though, I strive to master the tools I’m already using to make even better-looking characters. Seeing other artists’ tremendous work gets me pumped up; I hope I can create something that gives similar feelings to other artists.

What would you tell someone who’s thinking of applying to PlatinumGames?

I’m always happy to work with people who’re eager to push themselves and their teams. Iron sharpens iron! Let’s make something new together.


Who we’re looking for:

  • Optimistic applicants who are ready for a challenge
  • Applicants familiar with or interested in in 3DCG software modeling
  • Applicants confident in their artistic and/or drafting ability


Game industry experience is preferred, but not required for applicants with art skills conducive to game creation. PlatinumGames is an equal-opportunity employer and does not base hiring decisions on the race or citizenship of applicants.

Language Requirements:

For you to be your best at PlatinumGames, either Japanese or English is needed for communication with other members of our team.


To apply, please prepare the documents and materials described below, and submit them either through our Online Application** or by postal mail.

**When preparing files to submit through the online application form, please ensure that your name is included in each filename. Please note that only PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF file types can be directly uploaded, and that there is a maximum size of 5 MB per file. If you need to upload files greater than 5 MB in size, or in formats other than those listed, please feel free to use external services such as Dropbox, firestorage, YouTube or Vimeo, or your own online portfolio. If you do so, please provide the URL where your materials are located with your application.

Required materials
  • Your resume, clearly specifying your desired position, and including your e-mail address and a recent photograph
  • Your curriculum vitae, describing your work experience and formatted at your discretion
  • Work samples (see below)
Please be aware that we will not be able to return submitted materials. Please submit copies of any essential documents.
Contents of applications are kept strictly confidential.
Work samples Please submit illustrations, drawings, photographs/video, etc. demonstrating your skills and artistic ability.
You may submit these works in any form and in any amount you feel appropriate to give us a complete sense of your abilities. No specific content is required. Please feel free to submit copies of copyable work.
Please include a document containing your own commentary on your work, as well as a description of any tools or software used in its creation. If the work in question was a group project, please clearly indicate which portions were created under your supervision.
We accept work examples on paper, or digitally on CD/DVD. Please select the medium you feel most suitable for your work. For example, hard copy printouts are typically best for illustrations, and DVDs are typically best for digital images or video.

Application period We are always accepting applications for this position unless otherwise noted. Please be aware that the availability of positions may change in accordance with our needs.

Please address your application materials to:
PlatinumGames Inc. Attn: Hiring manager (web)
Tower West 8F, Umeda Sky Building
1-1-30 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
531-6108, Japan

Selection process

Applicants are initially screened based on the application materials outlined above.
All applicants will be notified of the results of this screening within ten business days after receipt of their application. (Please be aware that extenuating circumstances may delay this reply.) Applicants residing in Japan who pass this initial screening will proceed to in-person interviews at our offices in Osaka. Interviews for applicants residing outside of Japan may be conducted over Skype.