What is a sound designer?

Add realism to the world with sounds

Each game has its own reality, and establishing what happens in the world around the player is a critical part of establishing that reality.
Some aspects of a game’s world are impossible to convey through sight alone. Sound effects make all the difference in how immersive the world is to the player. As a sound designer, you’ll create sound effects that enrich the world around the player and draw them deeper into the game.

Follow your ears

Good sound effects create an exhilarating, realistic setting in a modern 5.1-channel surround sound environment. Each effect itself is a single sound, but they all come together to bring a game to life. When a sound stands out among the others, it can have a major impact on the sonic quality of the game, whether good or bad; creating truly immersive, wonderful sounds requires great care.

At PlatinumGames, we pride ourselves on a working environment where any member of our staff can offer ideas and suggestions for the creative process, and our audio team is no exception. Our sound designers create their sounds based on the game director’s specifications, but each member has the freedom to base their work on sounds they feel are best. With this creative flexibility comes deeper responsibility. A sound designer’s work is challenging, but also fulfilling and exciting for those who want to make interesting things, containing any sound they can imagine.


“Bring life to the game’s world.”

Sound Designer

Please tell us about your prior experience, and what brought you to PlatinumGames.

Before I came to PlatinumGames, I’d worked at a sound effects firm, and done freelance sound work for games. I’ve always worked in sound design, eventually I found myself wanting to work more directly on sounds for video games. I applied to Platinum because I felt their ideas and policies for sound creation were most in-line with my own.

Please tell us about your work at PlatinumGames.

In my previous experience before coming to Platinum, the sound designers I knew typically worked on several different games at the same time. That’s not how we do things at PlatinumGames. Here, by focusing on one project at a time, I’m able to work at a level of detail I’d never been able to attain before, and make sure the sounds I create meet my own standards.

Please tell us about the sound design environment at PlatinumGames.

We have an in-house studio, so we can record voiceovers and sound effects and go straight to mixing and editing them right away.
We also have a variety of devices to use for field recording; everything a sound designer could ask for.

What’s the most fulfilling part of your job?

When sound effects that I’ve created help a game stand out, and when I’ve succeeded in making sounds that make a game that much more of an immersive experience.

What makes PlatinumGames appealing to you?

The environment can get pretty aggressive, and any specifications might be overturned and reworked at a moment’s notice in the face of new ideas. It’s awesome that PlatinumGames is willing to make even sudden, radical changes for the good of the game.

What would you tell someone who’s considering applying to PlatinumGames?

Sound design can be a constant battle against time, as new hurdles often arise towards the end of the production process. It’s pretty difficult work! But PlatinumGames gives you the environment you need to focus on putting together something really special, and offers plenty of new challenges and experiences. This is the job for you if you want to create new sounds to make great games even greater.


We’re looking for:

  • Applicants who are knowledgeable and discerning about audio work.
  • Applicants with strong communication skills, as our audio team communicates closely with our programmers and other artists.


Game industry experience is preferred, but not required.
PlatinumGames is an equal-opportunity employer and does not base hiring decisions on the race or citizenship of applicants.

Language Requirements:

For you to be your best at PlatinumGames, either Japanese or English is needed for communication with other members of our team.


To apply, please prepare the documents and materials described below, and submit them either through our Online Application** or by postal mail.

**When preparing files to submit through the online application form, please ensure that your name is included in each filename. Please note that only PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF file types can be directly uploaded, and that there is a maximum size of 5 MB per file. If you need to upload files greater than 5 MB in size, or in formats other than those listed, please feel free to use external services such as Dropbox, firestorage, YouTube or Vimeo, or your own online portfolio. If you do so, please provide the URL where your materials are located with your application.

Required materials
  • Your resume, clearly specifying your desired position, and including your e-mail address and a recent photograph
  • Your curriculum vitae, describing your work experience and formatted at your discretion
  • Work samples (see below)
Please be aware that we will not be able to return submitted materials. Please submit copies of any essential documents.
Contents of applications are kept strictly confidential.
Work samples Please describe relevant experience you have in the games industry, including detailed descriptions of your duties and responsibilities in any completed projects.
Please also submit music, sound effects, MA, etc. demonstrating your audio production skills. You may submit these works in any form and in any amount you feel appropriate to give us a complete sense of your abilities. No specific content is required.
We accept work examples on CD or DVD.
Application period We are always accepting applications for this position unless otherwise noted. Please be aware that the availability of positions may change in accordance with our needs.

Please address your application materials to:
PlatinumGames Inc. Attn: Hiring manager (web)
Tower West 8F, Umeda Sky Building
1-1-30 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
531-6108, Japan

Selection process

Applicants are initially screened based on the application materials outlined above.
All applicants will be notified of the results of this screening within ten business days after receipt of their application. (Please be aware that extenuating circumstances may delay this reply.)
Applicants residing in Japan who pass this initial screening will proceed to in-person interviews at our offices in Osaka. Interviews for applicants residing outside of Japan may be conducted over Skype.