Hello, I’m the composer of MADWORLD, Naoto Tanaka.

So have you checked out the music in the trailers?

When I check out the comments, it seems like someone is always asking “What song is this?” or “Who’s the artist on this song?” I thought that would be a good topic to blog about.

The names of the songs and the artists performing them are actually listed on the last credit screen in the trailers if you look closely enough. But no matter how hard you look, you won’t find them on any CDs being sold anywhere. That is because they are all original tracks we made for MADWORLD. Right now, the only place you can hear these songs are in the trailers; however, once you get the game you will be able to hear them there as well. Be patient, it is almost here…


So the next question on your mind is where we are using these tracks in the game? Well, they are actually the background music for the stages or various situations in the game, and we have lots of different tracks that we use. As you proceed in the game, you will get to hear new tracks, of course. I’m not the greatest action gamer on the planet, but I am able to complete the game, so if you give it enough effort, you should be able to get through the whole thing and hear all the songs. (Of course, we’ve got something in store for people who want to play at an advanced level as well!)

There are actually a total of 20 tracks on the MADWORLD soundtrack, and as I mentioned before, they are all original songs that we produced for the game. I would make the backing tracks (or the beats) and then we would hand them off to talented artists to get their performances. It was a pretty big challenge, especially as it was my first time with this kind of collaboration, but I think luck was on my side and it turned out to be extremely successful.

But I’ve got even more good news. SEGA and PlatinumGames are producing an official MADWORLD Original Soundtrack! It will have all twenty tracks on it, all mastered by a really talented engineer so you can get away from the game console’s sound and step up into pristine sound quality.

Take a listen for yourself, because we whipped up this little video preview of the soundtrack.

So how do you get your hands on it? Right now, the soundtrack is going to be a pre-order bonus if you reserve your copy of MADWORLD at selected retailers in the UK and Australia. It won’t just be handed out on the first day, so make sure you pre-order to guarantee that you get it, but also check with your retailer to see if they are offering the promotion. If you don’t live in one of those two countries, keep your eyes peeled for contests or promotions where you can get your hands on the soundtrack as well.


Finally, I’d like to introduce the seven great artists who grace the soundtrack with their awesome performances.
Check out their webpages and listen to their original productions.

Doujah Raze
Sick YG
Bandy Leggz
S.O.U.L. Purpose

Once you are done playing MADWORLD, you may want to know more about the artists on the soundtrack, so I hope these links prove useful. This blog post is the only place with this information, so make sure you bookmark this post and subscribe to the RSS feed. That is the best way of making sure you don’t miss anything.

MADWORLD is about to hit shelves, so go make sure you have a copy ordered and have a great time playing the game!

Thanks – tnknot