Can’t get enough of MADWORLD? Want to try and get a free copy?

Go hit up Triumvir’s website.

Not only are they an awesome brand, but they have also made some incredible MADWORLD killer combo stickers.

To celebrate the occasion, they are giving a mess of stickers, tshirts, and even a copy of MADWORLD away to fans who answer some questions correctly.


We’ve put together a promotional contest, so to speak, for you game, sticker and t-shirt lovers.
Listed below are three separate MADWORLD sites that display a variety of images as well as details on the upcoming game. For each of the three links listed below are three questions pertaining to each site; the FIRST person who replies with ALL NINE answers correct, will receive a sticker pack, a mystery t-shirt(you can tell us what size and preferred color) AND a the game itself – YES, a copy of MADWORLD; the next TWO who reply with all the questions answered correctly will receive a t-shirt and the sticker pack. Now, because we’re feeling generous and in the mood to “give”, the next seventeen people who reply with correct answers will also get the sticker pack. Winners will be notified via e-mail.

Go hit their site up for further details, and good luck! Don’t forget to check out their t-shirts while you are there!

(Pic courtesy of Triumvir. Contest only open to those in the US.)