Hey everyone,

PG Break 04 covers the Anarchy Reigns news that everyone is talking about!
Tune in and catch your first glimpse at footage of that special someone! Bayonetta!!

That isn’t all we have to talk about… Anarchy Reigns on a scale you have never experienced!

And the Blacker Baron isn’t going to let some witch steal the spotlight! He is going to give you a preview of a track from the amazing Anarchy Reigns soundtrack!

PG Break 04

Bayonetta Character Clip

Show Notes:

  • Bayonetta is a day-one bonus in Japan. She will be available in the West. Details coming soon.
  • Deathmatch (4 player all for themselves)
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Survival Mode (Fight waves of enemies cooperatively)
  • Cage Match (1v1)
  • Death Ball (Sports inspired 4×4 gameplay)
  • Team battles (Class based team deathmatch with a twist)
  • Battle Royal (16 players Versus. Total Anarchy.)
  • Awesome User Blogs – http://community.platinumgames.com/blogs/
  • Don’t make @pg_kamiya’s mad. Read his old tweets on Twilog. http://twilog.org/PG_kamiya
  • The Blacker Baron introduced Days of Old from the Anarchy Reigns soundtrack. Performed by Vstylez.
    V Stylez – Built feat. Kid Vishis & Kuniva prod Apollo Brown (Played during the shout out video)

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