The story so far
The Wonderful One-Double-Oh are a special combat unit that was formed by combining 100 carefully selected heroes from all over the world, in order to fight off the invasion of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. They fight day in and day out to retrieve the peaceful everyday lives of the people from the evil clutches of the invaders.

Hey, it’s Ichi here!
Did you catch the Wonderful 101 Direct on Nintendo’s homepage last Friday?
In case you missed it, make sure to check the new launch trailer!
Also, don’t forget that the Wonderful 101 Demo is now available on all regions of the Wii U eShop, so get downloading, if you haven’t done so already!

But just because the demo is out, doesn’t mean that we’ll stop bringing you new information! So let’s get down to business!

Having fallen victim to an alien attack much larger than anticipated, the Gaia Defense Army could not prevent the defense line from being broken, so the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service has decided to centralize its forces to destroy every enemy one by one. This plan is known as “Project Stinger.”

However, the enemy is all over the planet, so matters have to be resolved with the utmost urgency. It will be required to hop from one location to the next to vanquish each and every enemy combat unit.

So you’d better make sure you’ve done all your homework, because in a couple of weeks, you’ll be spending your summer holidays traveling across the planet to save mankind!

Today, I will tell you about the various stages that the Wonderful One-Double-Oh will visit on the course of their duties.

WaterSlider3 w101_ロンチ

A water slide and a Ferris wheel…? Guys, there’s a war going on!

In the urban area, you’ll run into various facilities. Although it’s accommodated with all modern conveniences, you’ll have to do some old-fashioned lock-picking and puzzle-solving to advance. But don’t worry, there are some recreational facilities as well…!? But, uh, of course the Wonderful One-Double-Oh are only visiting because the CENTINELS may have hidden some supplies there! So carefully search every nook and cranny! For the greater good!


All part of the mission!

81 2013_8_6_19_53_46.MP4_000025058

Top: TV screen, Bottom: GamePad screen

Some puzzles involve using the TV screen and the Wii U GamePad screen at the same time. When entering hidden areas such as caves and buildings, the GamePad screen will show your team’s surroundings. You’ll have to use the screen in your hands to explore these locations. Don’t forget to check out the TV screen as well from time to time, because it might show you some valuable clues.

304 331

From civilized society to jungles with primitive architecture. No place is safe!
And who knows, the tall grass might even hide some secrets?

82 GDA Crash 84

A battle at several thousands of feet in the sky. The Wonderful One-Double-Oh will have to complete their mission amidst the aggressive gunfights of the GEATHJERK army’s fleet and the Gaia Defense Army.


Shoot down the enemy’s flying saucer thingy!

w101_ロンチ 85

An undersea city that contains lots of water-based mechanisms.
You’ll find people who need help both below and on top of the surface of the water.


Underground ruins where pillars of lava block your passage at every turn. Beware, because even the CENTINEL-Suits won’t help you if you decide to take a hot dip. Keep a close eye on your environment and make sure you’re ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way.

90 91

I liked the water slide better!

Each stage has its own intricate devices, so scouting around to see what you can find can be more fun than just racing to the finish line. You might find something unexpected in the most unusual of places.


What does this symbol mean?

An emblem on the ground that looks like it belongs to the GEATHJERK army. If you find anything suspicious like this, try drawing a Wonder-Circle around it.
Does this make you feel uneasy, or does it make your knuckles itch!?

The Wonderful One-Double-Oh will keep on fighting all over the planet, and probably even in worlds beyond.

And with this many locations, there have to be plenty of items strewn about the place as well. We’ll tell you about them next time. The Wonderful One-Double-Oh are going to have to trot around the globe non-stop, and CENTINELS wouldn’t be CENTINELS if it didn’t have plenty of supplies stashed away in every possible corner.

Next episode:
“Find supplies!”

Stay tuned!