Hello, how have you been? I’m Masami Ueda, composer at PlatinumGames. For this post, I’m going to write about my favorite compositions.

Since I usually listen to music at work all day long, I sometimes like to take a break at home; however, I still listen to a lot of music. I’d like to say the things I listen to help influence me as a composer, but I usually just go back and listen to my own stuff, then rework what I don’t like. If I consciously listen to something for work, I listen to movie soundtracks. When I listen to something for fun, I’ll listen to anime songs. As for which anime… I’ll leave that to your imagination.

So, what are my favorite compositions? I like listening to Cursed Shinshu Plains or Harami Lake from Okami whenever I need to lay down for awhile. There are a few Bayonetta 2 songs that I like… but I can’t mention them yet, so I’ll say what I like from Bayonetta instead. My favorite tracks are probably The Old City Of Vigrid and Eyes Of The World. I think Bayonetta is remembered as having a lot of upbeat, fun songs, but we also put a good amount of work into the quieter pieces too.

What are your favorite compositions of mine?

Hope you guys enjoy Bayonetta 2!

Masami Ueda has worked on Bayonetta at PlatinumGames so far, contributing the following tracks, among others. Tell us your favorite in the comments and we’ll add up which is everyone’s favorite in next week’s blog.

Here are a few examples of tracks Ueda has worked on:

Vigrid Station Platform
Theme Of Bayonetta – Mysterious Destiny
The Old City Of Vigrid
The Heavies
Let’s Hit The Climax!
Temperantia – In Foregoing Pleasures
After Burner (∞ Climax Mix)
Paradiso – Graveyard Of Remembrance
The Eyes Of The World
Mysterious Destiny (Retro Version)