Hello. I’m Atsushi Inaba, producer of MADWORLD.

Today marks the start of the MADWORLD Blog.
This blog should give you an insight into quite a few areas:
How did they make this crazy game?
What the hell were they thinking while making this crazy game?

First, I need to say something. Something you need to know before we get into the nuts and bolts of the game.
We haven’t announced a release for the game in Japan.
We also have no plans to release the game in Germany.

I suspect that Japanese or German fans may read this blog and feel a bit disappointed; however, when it comes to forms of expression, every country and generation has different views on the subject. It simply can’t be helped. I’ve covered this topic quite seriously in interviews before, but I thought this blog would also be a good place to further explain.

MADWORLD is all about the idea of Comical Violence. We wanted to entertain via this concept, where everything is presented in comic book style, and the crazy things happening are completely unrealistic in a real world context.

I’m sure there are arguments for or against this, but by dealing with violence in a straight-forward manner, I think we’ve made it more palatable. We don’t have any of the vividness or spite of real-world violence, and that was something that we’ve held firm on since the beginning of development.

So how did we end up making this game, and what makes MADWORLD so fun right now? That will be covered in posts to come.

I really hope that you enjoy future entries in the MADWORLD blog!