Nice to meet everyone. I’m Kudo, in charge of effects. I handled Jack, enemy characters, and ATE.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything for a blog, but here it goes.

Just to start off.

Some of you might be wondering, “just what are effects?” If so, check out my explanation on the Bayonetta Dev. Blog (Link goes to the entry). It’ll give you a rough idea.

Strange to think three years have passed since then. Time’s passed by so fast since entering the working world.

Now, about the effects in Anarchy Reigns.

We kept one word in mind throughout development. BIG.

This, however, led to a certain problem.

Until now, games from PG have had one protagonist. Therefore, regarding effects, it’s always been easy to understand our limits.

But this time, not only are there a whole plethora of protagonist-level characters, but the game is online, with a lots of stuff going on constantly throughout each match. What’s happening, and where that what is happening, are largely determined by the player (which is kind of a nightmare for an effect artist).

At first, I attempted to make character effects by calculating the number of effects needed and sizing each to fit my allotted total. I realized, though, this wasn’t going to work no matter what way I went about it.

So, after some thought…

I decided to just go about things like I always have, in previous titles.

Because, I thought, effects have to look good, feel good in the game. If not, what’s the point?
Of course, ignoring the allotted total completely overloaded the game. There were a few measures I took to prevent this: I cut down on the number of effects used by characters other than your own, took away effects that weren’t happening on your screen, etc.

By having the biggest effects be the ones right in front of you, I’d say we achieved a game full of energy that allows the player to really feel the punches dealt and received.

I hope you all get the chance to experience the heavenly gladness of landing a hard thwacking punch on your opponent, and maybe the teeth-gritting reaction coupled with being socked yourself.

Until next time!