This year on April 1st, PlatinumGames welcomed several new recruits into the fold and continues to grow livelier by the day. Last week we channeled some of that energy into a hanami barbecue at Osaka Castle Park!
First off, the new recruits lined up in front as President Kenichi Sato delivered a warm greeting to kick of the festivities.

In previous years, we spread out on sheets in Nishinomaru Park to take in the cherry blossoms, but since our numbers have grown – not to mention that we also invited a number of friends and associates – this year, we decided to enlist a bit of professional help and have a barbecue!

At first some people had trouble getting their grill cooking, but executive director and outdoorsman Seigo Tabira was ready to get hands-on and help, putting on sturdy gloves to show us how to lay out the charcoal, keep the fire burning, and keep the party going!

Once everyone started to get comfortable, the new recruits made the rounds introducing themselves with drinks in hand.

As always, character modeler and self-styled sommelier Minoru Kasai brought a selection of premium sake and finger foods to make it sing!

Not to be outdone, artist Ibuki Watanabe brought his own recommended wines for those in search of a different kind of refinement.

Many people brought a variety of food and drink to share, from things like desserts, baguettes, and cheese to slightly more exotic fare like ajillo and even homemade bone sake! It was the kind of fantastic party that only happens once a year.

As director Hideki Kamiya (Bayonetta) and Masaki Yamanaka (Anarchy Reigns) had a friendly chat with some new recruits, President Sato was behind them, hard at work grilling up some delicious yakisoba!

He was even kind enough to treat all of the new recruits to his cuisine.

The cherry blossoms have all fallen here in Osaka, but the fun we had at our hanami will continue to bloom for a long time… or at least until next year’s festivities!