Hello, everyone! This is Yusuke Miyata, the director of Bayonetta 3. We’ve kept you waiting for a very long time, but I’m very happy that we’ve finally been able to bring you a new trailer.

This is my first time working on the Bayonetta series, but just like all of you, I’m a big fan and played the previous games nonstop. After being tapped to direct, I of course not only played through the previous games again, but also read every Bayonetta-related book there is cover to cover before getting into deep discussions with Kamiya-san about every aspect of the game from systems to settings before getting to work.

One of the biggest draws of Bayonetta games is the mysterious and alluring character of Bayonetta herself, as well as that of the entourage of unique characters that surrounds her. I’ve worked on the development of several character games, and I used that experience to the fullest to bring out the charms of Bayonetta and the gang.

I’m also being extremely discerning about the action which is essential to the Bayonetta series. Kamiya-san has almost literally talked my ear off about “action connected directly to the brain.” Basically, that’s the type of satisfying action gameplay that comes from being able to control the character exactly how you want, and the genes of that action have been properly passed down to this game too. From the position of both developer and fan, we’re all working on Bayonetta 3 keeping these 2 bewitching aspects of the series in mind, with the goal of surpassing all expectations.

So what did you all think of the new trailer?
We sprinkled a lot of new elements throughout the frenetic pacing. I’d like to talk a bit about one of those, a new featured mechanic that lets you control Infernal Demons, called “Demon Slave.”
Unlike the Climax Summons of previous games that automatically defeated enemies and returned to Inferno, this mechanic lets players control demons during gameplay and unleash a host of intuitive actions. Each demon’s abilities vary and the kinds of abilities that are advantageous in a certain situation can change at any time. Just how many are there? What else can you do? Well, there’s a lot more I’d like to tell you, but I have to stop here for now. However, there’s a lot of info hidden in the trailer that I didn’t go into here, so please consider watching it again until the next announcement.

We’re in the home stretch of development right now, working on making the core of the game even more fun and test playing nonstop. As the culmination of this series loved by all of you, we’re giving our all to make it a masterpiece worth of the name Bayonetta so please wait and anticipate just a bit longer!

Yusuke Miyata
Director, Bayonetta 3

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Yusuke Miyata
Yusuke Miyata started his career as a game designer on several adaptations of popular manga and anime series. He then joined PlatinumGames, and contributed to titles like The Wonderful 101 and Astral Chain. He is currently involved with the development of Bayonetta 3, making his directorial debut, and also heads Development Group 4 where he is charged with guiding all of our game designers.