Hi, this is Kenichi Sato. I wish you all a pleasant start of the year.

2022 has just started but there’s something I’d like to share with everyone.

As of the end of last year, I have resigned from my post as CEO and president of PlatinumGames and entrusted Vice President Atsushi Inaba as my successor.
I started as president of PlatinumGames back in April of 2016 with the goal of bringing smiles to all our fans the world round. After forming a partnership with Tencent in December 2019, I opened a new office in Tokyo to expand our development team, and ultimately was able to kick off our first self-publishing ventures, something which had been a dream of the company for a long, long time. Currently I feel that PlatinumGames is ready to push forward towards more innovative forms of play, and so now is better a time than ever to hand the reigns to Inaba, who has led the initiative on building the company’s creative output for many years now.

Moving forward, I will still be involved with the company as an advisor, offering my help where needed. I want to thank everyone sincerely for all the support they have shown in my five years and eight months as president, and I hope all our fans will continue their patronage to PlatinumGames under its new leadership.

January 2022
Kenichi Sato

Starting this year, I have taken up the post of CEO and president of PlatinumGames. I find it an honor to be entrusted with this position, and hope to utilize this chance to create new kinds of games that reinforce the meaning that PlatinumGames stands for.

I appreciate your unchanging support.

January 2022
CEO/President/Studio Head
Atsushi Inaba