Following up on our previous post regarding the “Sword” build, BABYLON’S FALL development team gives you an in-depth explanation on how to use the “Pistol,” a new weapon type added in Season 2, and unleash its full potential.

Heavy Damage Pistol Build

Strike enemies from afar and aim for Perfect Shot to boost your chances of inflicting EXPLOSIVE damage!

Build Set Up

◆ The List of Equipment

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See the Base Stats and Enchanments for each equipment.


◆ About This Build (Final Status)

While standing still

Boost attack damage (Lv4)

Long-ranged attacks

Boost ranged attack critical hit chance (Lv2)
Decrease damage taken (Lv3)

Perfect Shots

Boost critical hit chance (Lv2) with this weapon
Projectiles explode upon impact (Lv3)
Boost critical hit chance (Lv4) when a Perfect Shot is performed

Landing critical hits

Boost SP Regen (Lv2) for 20 seconds

Defeating an enemy

Instantly restore a portion of HP (Lv1)

Supporting Skills

Increase your maximum HP (Lv2)
Gradually regenerate SP (Lv2)
Boost critical hit damage (Lv2)


◆ Advantages

    • Increase your firepower by performing Perfect Shots and landing Critical Hits!
    • Take advantage of the “No enemies nearby” condition to buff your pistol!
    • Put together an effective build to perform long ranged attacks!


◆ How to obtain each equipment

[Where to find]
Randomly obtained from Relic (D)

[How to get]
btain the Blueprint by completing Skirmish, “Caverns of Fate III”

[Where to find]
Obtain the Blueprint by completing Skirmish, “Machine Metropolis II”
Greed Turban
[How to get]
The Shop /Exchange Sentinel Signatums to craft.
Dueler Lamellar
[How to get]
Obtain the Blueprint by completing Skirmish, “The Pit of Despair III”
Greed Bracers
[How to get]
The Shop /Exchange Sentinel Signatums to craft.
Greed Shoes
[How to get]
The Shop /Exchange Sentinel Signatums to craft.
Astral Earrings
[How to get]
Randomly obtained from Relic (L)

Brooch of Vigor
[How to get]
Randomly obtained from Relic (L)
Blade Dancer’s Bangle
[How to get]
Randomly obtained from Relic (L)


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