This series of interviews gives us a look at the development of Bayonetta 3 directly from various members of the PlatinumGames development team.

In the final episode of this Developer Diary, we look at how the BGM had the theme of “immersion” and was packed with a huge amount of variety to express the multiverse theme. We also get some behind-the-scenes talk about the recording of the main theme song at London’s Abbey Road Studios. All from the mouths of the PlatinumGames team themselves.

– Supervising Director: Hideki Kamiya
– Director: Yusuke Miyata
– Producer: Yuji Nakao
– Music Supervisor/Themesong Composer: Hiroshi Yamaguchi
– Lead Music Composer: Naofumi Harada

This is the fourth and final episode of Bayonetta 3 Developer Diary. Thank you for watching!

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