Hi everyone, my name is Yusuke Konishi and I worked as the Lead Sound Designer on Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon. I’m really happy to hear that so many of you have already played the game and I would like to talk more about the sound in this entry.


The concept behind the sound design

Now, as those of you who have already played Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon will know, this game has a completely different gameplay feel and visual design from the previous Bayonetta games. To make this already different game even more intriguing, we brainstormed the types of sound that would best highlight the picture book feel of the game, and we discussed these at length with the team, including the project’s Sound Supervisor Misaki Shindo.

As a result, we concluded that it would be compelling if we were to create a three-dimensional sound that would pop out of the picture book itself (in contrast to the two-dimensional nature of a picture book, which is the visual characteristic of this game). The sound concept we formed for the game was “a picture book with sounds that pop” and it served as the basis for the creation of the three-dimensional sound I just mentioned.


Feeling the three-dimensional sound

Let’s get into it then, shall we. Check out this video that demonstrates the three-dimensional sound in the game. Watch the video with headphones or earphones for a more immersive experience!


If you feel a tingling sensation in your ears or feel that the sound is somehow different from what you are used to, then it’s just as we intended!


Using special microphones for sound recording

At the beginning of the game, there is a scene in which Cereza has to listen to people saying horrible things about her as she walks through a wandering dream sequence. The voices were recorded using a binaural microphone that can record sounds three-dimensionally. Here, we first applied effects to the pre-recorded voices and played these through the speakers in front of the binaural mic that would pick up and record this sound. These binaural microphones are often used in ASMR videos, and if used properly, they can produce a unique three-dimensional sound that can cause a listener to feel the tingling sensation associated with the ASMR phenomenon. The video below shows the sound being recorded as well as how it plays out in the game itself.


With the speaker moving around the microphone, it gives the recording a sense of movement and it feels as if somebody is speaking right into your ear. Some of you may have felt the same emotions as Cereza, such feeling uncomfortable or even feeling scared of being jeered at.


Recording environmental sounds

The swaying of the trees in Avalon Forest and the chirping of the birds at the save points are real recordings made using the binaural microphone. You should be able to feel the sound of the grass and leaves, and the birds chirping away in the entire forest space!

While recording, I sat and waited quietly. The clean air in the park, along with the negative ions in the air and the birds chirping away refreshed my body and soul! You can hear the shimmering of the trees throughout the entire Avalon Forest. We purposely made the chirping of the birds only heard in the Sanctuaries which are located within Avalon Forest. The chirping suggests a place where Cereza and Cheshire can safely rest. Some of you may have already felt the soothing atmosphere in the Sanctuary!


ASMR – Recommended Chill Spots

Here are a few of my recommended spots in the game where you can go to listen to mellow tunes and just chill! Enjoy the vast sights and sounds created by nature.

  • Morgana’s House(0:08~)
    This area is rather special because you can only visit at the beginning of the story. You may feel a sense of nostalgia, finding yourself right in the middle of a countryside landscape. You are sitting next to a pond, surrounded by the sounds of water and frogs croaking.
  • Jade Hill – Sanctuary(5:07~)
    Surrounded by the lush sounds of nature, the view from the top of the hill is truly exceptional.
  • Sunspeckled Grove – Sanctuary(10:07~)
    Immerse yourself in the sounds of the swaying trees and the chirping of the birds, as you are bathed in warm light.
  • Chalkroot Hollow – Sanctuary(15:07~)
    Is that a Wisp I faintly hear among the spray of the waterfall?
  • Wyvern Falls – Sanctuary(20:07~)
    I hope you can all find your favorite spots to chill as you explore the Avalon Forest together with Cereza and Cheshire!


In closing

If you haven’t played Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon yet, I recommend picking up a copy and experiencing this unique adventure. If you’ve already played the game, I am sure you’ll be able to discover something new just by walking through Avalon Forest with Cereza and Cheshire while listening to the rich and immersive sound! Thanks so much for reading this entry.


Yusuke Konishi
Joined PlatinumGames in 2019 as a Sound Designer. Worked as the Lead Sound Designer on Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, his first game at PlatinumGames.