PG Break returns from a week off with Anarchy Reigns character announcements, Vanquish figures, and general stupidity. Also, Hideki Kamiya’s head.

Show Notes:

– Around the World –
The Crimson Dragon sisters join the cast of Anarchy Reigns! Check out their character clips here!
The Vanquish Play Arts Kai figures are out! Pick up Sam or Bogey (Zaitsev).
The amazing Anarchy Reigns team battle video (in Japanese)!

From JP’s Twitter:

A follow-up to the team battle vid – The goal is to kill the other team commander. Classes are assigned based on your individual kills. Classes are re-assigned during the course of the match to top players on team. You can be Squad Leader, Spec Ops, or Medic. Each has buffs.

Feel free to hit up “Kaiser” Taura (@pg_taura) for tips and tricks. Or just to call him pretty.

-Community Spotlight-

Win a Vanquish figure! Make JP laugh the hardest and get your choice of Sam or Bogey. Just post using the #PGLIVE hashtag to win. The rules are simple – Make it something you can tweet, make it safe for work, and preferably make it PlatinumGames related. The best tweet that takes JP’s mind of impending E3 crunch will get a toy for their trouble!

Young Nicholas was wrong. Kenji Saito’s favorite Metal Gear is MGS1 because of the awesome characters.

The great Japanese Max Anarchy site is coming in English.

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