PG Break hits lucky number 7 by getting lucky with a Rin Rin tweeter who earned herself a Vanquish figure. But that isn’t the only funny to be had!

Show Notes:

– Around the World –

We are on the E3 Death March getting cool things ready to show you. Which is why we don’t have any cool things to show you now. However, Metal Gear Rising: Revengence Producer Yuji Korekado did tweet a cool picture of Raiden from a certain video we are making! Check it out here! 

And follow him here!

-Community Spotlight-

@PG_RinRin won her choice of a Square Enix Play Arts -Kai- Vanquish figure, but we had plenty of hilarious entries into our contest. We have one more figure to give away, so keep watching this space!

– Interact and Follow –

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