The story so far:
In order to oppose the alien invasion, a special combat unit consisting of 100 heroes was formed under the name of “The Wonderful One-Double-Oh,” whose primary weapon is their “Unite Morph” ability. Their leader, however, is a complete rookie, and several of the members do not bother to hide their discontent.

Hey, it’s Ichi here!
The alien forces are knocking on Earth’s front door, but it seems our heroes can’t even settle their own internal disputes. It’s up to their leader, Wonder-Red, to make sure the team stays together… but who are these “invaders” anyway?

I think it’s about time I shared the information we currently have on the “GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada,” the enemy intent on taking over our planet.


The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada first appeared on Earth 40 years ago.
But no one knew what they were after or why they were invading. Their motives were shrouded in secrecy.
Even though Earth’s defense forces had to fight a harsh battle in the face of unknown scientific powers, they managed to repel the enemy.

The enemy resurfaced 20 years later.
The ensuing battle became known as the second Earth Defense War, and it became the first campaign for the “CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service,” the organization that the Wonderful One-Double-Oh belong to.
The attack 40 years ago turned out to have been a mere reconnaissance mission, as this time the GEATHJERK invaded with full force. Their power was so overwhelming, in fact, that nearly half of the entire planet fell into the enemy’s vile clutches. But yet again mankind managed to send the invading army back home through a desperate struggle that combined the efforts of the Gaia Defense Army and the CENTINELS.



Fast-forward to the present.
Professor Shirogane has surmised that the enemy “travels via dimensional displacement using a ‘galactic energy tide’ that occurs once every 20 years.” And sure enough, the invaders have showed their repulsive faces once again. And they’ve brought the biggest army the world has ever seen…



I call them invaders, but they actually call themselves the “Supreme Armada” of the “GEATHJERK Federation,” so it is clear that they are not simply an army that was compiled on a single planet. In all likelihood, they’re a fleet that consists of the most powerful armies belonging to all of the races within a single star cluster.
This means that you’ll have a lot of crazy aliens to look forward to in this game.

So without further ado, let’s introduce the common type of GEATHJERK foot soldier that you’re likely to run into a lot.


The small ones are infantry units called Dough-Goo. The large one is their leader, Chew Dough-Goo. They seem to agree with the Wonderful Ones that strength lies in numbers, so they always attack in groups.


Don’t let your guard down!

They may look cute, but if you allow yourself to stare at one for too long, another one is likely to come up from behind and smack you around the ears. There’s always a bunch of them, so keep your wits about you.


Wonder… Dough-Goo!?

They’re roughly the same size as humans, so there might be a way of recruiting them…

Bipedal Robotic Commando Diedough-Goo

Meet Diedough-Goo. It likes kittens, long walks on the beach and wanton destruction.
Once you get to fight one of these, you’ll realize the enemy is not messing around.
Don’t be fooled by its plodding pace! Once you get inside its range, it will kick your team of heroes all over the place.
The best way to attack it is from behind when you find the chance.
Climb attacks are also particularly useful, so try to get your heroes all over it to incapacitate it.


Feeling hot, hot, HOT!!

Yeah, it’s got some tricks up its… uh… neck.
Team members that get knocked out can be instantly restored by having your leader touch them, but you’ll want to keep a safe distance while the enemy is breathing fire.
If you’ve been paying attention though, you’ll know that there is a certain member among the team who knows exactly how to deal with heat.

Assault Landing Ship Cough-Foon

Nope, you won’t just be facing robots.
Along the way to victory, you’re bound to run into these gigantic combat vessels numerous times as well. The thing you’ll want to watch out for most is the laser equipped on Cough-Foon’s bow.
However, if you know what you’re doing, there might just be a way of using its laser against it.

Vergules-Class Bipedal Assault Weapon GAH-GOOJIN

And just when you thought you’ve seen it all, there’s this guy.
You might’ve seen this giant pop up a couple of times in the trailers we’ve showed you so far, but just in case you haven’t, know this: it possesses a force that is every bit as overwhelming as its fearsome appearance. It is surmised that this machine was created in order to inspire fear in the hearts of the inhabitants of invaded planets.
And yet our Wonderful One-Double-Oh intend to take on this monstrosity with only 100 tiny little men and women. Can they defeat it!?


However, this is not the first planet upon which the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has rained down destruction. They have more tricks up their slimy sleeves.





A humongous monster that overshadows even GAH-GOOJIN, and a fearsome officer.
It appears that this officer crossed swords with the Wonderful One-Double-Oh that were active during the war 20 years ago.
What happened when Earth made its miraculous comeback? It’s obvious that this guy was a major player in the events that shaped history as we know it.

All of the foes mentioned above appear early on in the game, and you can bet that the GEATHJERK army counts more freakish creatures among its ranks. Many strange and powerful weapons and evil, ruthless army officers bent on the termination of mankind await our courageous heroes. And behind the scenes lurks yet another presence, shrouded in shadows…

Vorkken & Chugi Vorkken


It looks like the Wonderful One-Double-Oh are facing adversity no matter which way they turn. But just because they number a mere 100, doesn’t mean that they are completely without backup.

They can always rely on the “CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service.”


The CENTINELS have branches all over the world, where carefully selected individuals are trained into superheroes and dispatched on missions at a constant rate.
Their goals are the annihilation of GEATHJERK forces remaining on Earth and the preservation of public safety. They are also always researching and developing new weapons to prepare for the next invasion while devising fresh defense strategies. Above all else, they focus their daily attention on the maintenance and improvement of the “CENTINEL-Suits” the Wonderful Ones wear.

Next time, let’s have a look at the secrets that lie hidden in these “CENTINEL-Suits,” these pearls of human intelligence.

Next episode:
“The Secret of the CENTINEL-Suits!”

Stay tuned!