The story so far:
40 years ago, an army of ruthless aliens suddenly invaded planet Earth. Mankind has been able to withstand these invasions two times now, but not without suffering lasting consequences. Now that the third and largest attack is imminent, the fate of the planet once again rests on the shoulders of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service and their special combat unit, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh.

Hey, it’s Ichi!
Last time, I introduced some of the fearsome aliens threatening the planet, but of course the Wonderful 100 are more than equal to the invading forces when it comes to dishing out damage.
And the suits they wear come with their own unique functions as well.

A wise man once said that “if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.”
So let’s have a look at the powers that lie hidden in the suits our Wonderful 100 wear.



Wonder-Red transforms using the Wonder-Pendant around his neck.


He dons his mask…


And presto! All in a mere 0.000000003 seconds.

When they transform, they change into a reinforced outfit called a “CENTINEL-Suit.” This suit was developed at the CENTINELS Central Science Laboratory. 40 years of warfare with the invaders have brought one improvement after another to this suit, and it continues to evolve even now.

The suit that is currently in use is the 3rd Generation model, which sports the “Unlimited Form,” a special armed form that allows the wearer to temporarily remove the limiter in cases of emergency. This is the ultimate battle suit for when you just need to go all-out without worrying about defense.


Infinite power, unparalleled defense. The CENTINEL-Suit’s most significant ability is…


Unite Morph “Unite Punch”

… Unite Morph, which allows you to materialize certain objects by combining your teammates! But you already knew that, right?
The object data required to unite is recorded in each suit, so the more members that join in, the bigger the object will be.

The basis of Unite Morphs lies in formation.
By pushing the right stick in any direction, or by drawing a line on the touch screen, you can create a formation that combines your teammates. If you’re standing on a flat surface, the line will follow the surface. If there’s a wall nearby, the line will adjust to the wall.

55 31

You can draw a longer line if you have a lot of members in your party.

Just look at this wonderful formation, held tightly together by Wonder-Energy.
It’s called the Wonder-Liner!


Stretch out the formation over a cliff…


To create a bridge across!

32 33

Once the tip of the liner reaches the top, your helpful gang will automatically turn into a ladder.

So you can even climb tall buildings without breaking a sweat. Convenient, no?

It’s also useful to know that you can still move around while the line is extended. The tip of the formation is regarded as part of the player character, so this allows you to use the Wonder-Liner to grab items that are out of reach.

34 35


Wait, what’s this? A public toilet!?


And you thought the W stood for “Water.”

Use the Wonder-Liner to send a bunch of your teammates into the toilet all at once. Don’t worry about running out of paper, because YOU’RE A SUPERHERO.


It’s… uh… a lot bigger on the inside.

38 40

Before long, the toilet will erupt and items will rain out.
… Yay?
Well, it’s free, so we’ll take what we can get.

This miracle of modern plumbing technology is known as a “Wonderful Toilet.”
Don’t let the name and the appearance fool you, though: it is, in fact, a supply station for special combat units.

And it doesn’t just stop there! Apparently, CENTINELS has seen fit to stash loads of supplies in other places as well, so make sure to check any open doors and windows you might come across.
So if you spot any openings that look suspicious, try sending in your teammates using the Wonder-Liner. You might be rewarded!

52 53 54


Speaking of the Wonder-Liner, I already told you how you can draw a circle to bring out Wonder-Red’s “Unite Hand,” but this “Wonder-Circle” actually has another, very important function.

You see, it also allows you to pour Wonder-Energy into whatever is inside the circle.

Let me give you a concrete example.


People calling for help.

Sometimes, you’ll run into a group of people crying for help.
These are citizens who have suffered from the GEATHJERK invasion. Of course, as a superhero, it’s your job to rescue them, but the Wonderful One-Double-Oh aren’t like your regular, everyday, saving-kittens-from-a-tree rescue team.

Nope! They don’t just stop at rescuing citizens; they do them one better and actually change them into temporary superheroes to help out as part of the team. How awesome is that!?


Draw a line around them…


And SWOOSH! They’re yours to command!

After donning their tiny Wonder-Masks, they are no longer ordinary citizens. They are now Ultra Marvelous Super Duper Wonderful citizens, with powers just like the heroes’.
Obviously, this means they can join in Unite Morphs as well. Regardless of their plebeian origins, if you rescue plenty of citizens, you’ll be able to whip out some truly gigantic Unite Morphs!

51 44

There are various types of citizens.

However, they’re only temporary members, so they will leave your team again when you reach a safe area, such as the interval between stages.
If you want to give your team a permanent boost in power, you’re going to have to find the proper members of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh and join up with them.

That’s right! At the start of the game, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh aren’t actually fully complete yet.


It’ll take a while before the entire party is back together.

Since the GEATHJERK have started their full-scale offensive, the CENTINELS have made an emergency call to all Wonderful Ones across the planet.
There is no doubt that they are all on their way to join up with their leader, Wonder-Red, but it seems that several of them have run into trouble, got captured by the enemy or otherwise just got lost (?) along the way, so gathering all 100 of them is not going to be easy.

ProjectK 2013-08-02 14-52-07-96 ProjectK 2013-08-02 14-53-19-40

Wonderful Ones hail from all corners of the globe.

As you progress through the stages, you’ll find Wonderful Ones in various places. Make sure to add them to your party! Every single one of them has been appointed as a true hero of his or her country and region. They are sure to come in handy during battle.


100 Wonderful Ones. Can you find them all?

By the way, the “Wonder Circle” that you draw with the Wonder-Liner actually has several other useful functions.

Take this withered flowerbed…


Just draw a circle around it…




The withered flowerbed has turned into a splendiferous cascade of color!
This is the mysterious power of Wonder-Energy!
Who knows, you might even find “buried items” by drawing circles around spots that seem inconspicuous at first glance…?

You will also find various objects placed around each stage.
Some of these objects can be lifted up by drawing a Wonder-Circle around them.



Where do you want this?

Pick up obstacles to open up the road ahead, and hurl them into your enemies for good measure. Alternatively, some objects might prove useful just by carrying them around.

So, how did you like this episode?
Today, we delved into that wonderful power hidden in the CENTINEL-Suits: the “Wonder-Liner,” the very basis of all Unite Morphs.
The Wonder-Liner can be used for a variety of purposes, so make sure to experiment!

Next time, we’ll introduce a new Wonderful One, who uses a “gun” Unite Morph.

Next episode:
“Wonder Green, the Smart-mouthed Sharpshooter!”

Stay tuned!