wonder_greenThe story so far:
The “GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada” has finally commenced its all-out attack on planet Earth. It’s up to the 100 members of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh to gather up and engage the enemy. But so far, not even half of them have managed to get together. There’s no time to wait however, so the present team will just have to pick up whomever they can find along the way as they execute their mission. Fortunately, the Wonderful Ones are equipped with so-called CENTINEL-Suits, which allow them to “temporarily change citizens into superheroes.”

Hey, it’s Ichi here!
Today, I’ll be introducing the third member of those magnificent Wonderful Ones.

First there was rookie Wonder-Red, serious to a fault, and then there was Wonder-Blue, who has some serious attitude problems due to his pride. It’s obvious that these two don’t get along very well, so one can’t help but worry about what’s in store for the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, since unity is supposed to be their main strength.

Will this new Wonderful One all the way from France be able to smooth things over between the two?
Short answer: No. Long answer: Nooooooooooooo.
You see, he’s still in middle school, and he has a reputation of being a bit of a… loose cannon. Not that he goes out of his way to insult people, mind you. It just sort of happens, over and over. And over.

So without further adieu (I’m sorry), here’s:

(Japanese voice:  Orine Fukushima, English voice: Kari Wahlgren)

Chosen to be a Wonderful One due to his incredible skill with firearms and other
ranged weapons, Wonder-Green is currently a mere middle school student. Yet, despite
his youth, it is said that he can shoot through the hole of a donut a 100 kilometers away, while eating a donut himself.

Possibly due to his privileged upbringing, he often seems to feel like the world revolves around him and is prone to ignoring the reality of his surroundings. He also unwittingly rude, leading to occasional clashes with Blue and Pink; clashes Green himself seems unbothered by. In fact, at least with Pink, he almost seems to enjoy being scolded.

Even during the tensest of missions, he possesses a completely carefree nature; that is until something goes south, then he instantly breaks into panic. Far clumsier than most would ever suspect for a Wonderful One, the care with which Green uses his rapid-fire proton gun is another, more careful, side of him that holds great pride in his position. (Or so the world hopes…)

He has developed a close friendship with Black, as both are similar in age and love video games, comics, cartoons, and general mischief-making. This mischief-making extends to his love of junk food, a forbidden fruit under his parents, but a near constant indulgence as Green partakes in missions far beyond their strict reach.

green_1 green_2

Despite still being in middle school, Wonder-Green is such a proficient sniper that he quickly drew the attention of the CENTINELS. Normally, he pretends to be a serious student while under his parents’ strict supervision, but when given free rein, he spoils himself at every opportunity. Even after transforming, he is reluctant to let go of his bag of junk food and its seemingly inexhaustible supply, and he can be seen eating a different kind of snack in pretty much every dialogue event that he’s part of.

ProjectK 2013-07-31 16-35-20-77 ProjectK 2013-07-31 18-36-29-13

His skills as a marksman have earned him the nickname “Le Sniper Supérieur,” and as this name implies, his Unite Morph “Unite Gun” is excellent for taking out enemies that are airborne or at a distance, giving them no time to retaliate.


Draw a right angle to create Unite Gun!


Unite Gun

[wpvideo eIHoM5Ri]


In any case, there’s nothing that trumps the Unite Gun’s range. This makes it perfect for shooting down tiny, hard-to-hit enemies whether they’re on ground or in the air.
And although it may not do a lot of damage, it actually provides a convenient set-up for Climb Attacks, since the Unite Gun uses other team members as ammunition.


Set up a Climb Attack from a safe distance

Keep firing shots to get your team members to cling onto the enemy.
Once you’ve slowed down the enemy with a Climb Attack, it’s time to dish out the punishment.


A gun with suction power! Now I’ve seen it all…

You can also use the nuzzle of the Unite Gun to pick up various objects, such as trash cans, cars and even enemy bombs…
Of course you can fire them off once you’ve sucked them up, so you should try to pick up and launch everything you can lay your hands on! Go on, do it. It’s therapeutic.


Large objects require the Unite Bazooka


What the!?

It’s even possible to pick up and launch enemies! If you know what you’re doing, that is.


Oh look, a bull’s-eye! I WONDER WHAT IT’S FOR.

No true sniper can look at a bull’s-eye without feeling an itch in his trigger-finger.
Hitting it might just activate some kind of mechanism…!?

ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-20-31-07 ProjectK 2013-07-31 16-21-00-18

No matter how proficient he might be though, you should not forget that Wonder-Green is still only a middle school student. He stands out for his overbearing remarks, but he’s also been known to panic or to downright break down and cry on occasion. His superhero outfit does nothing to mask his emotions, but at least it’s fun to watch.

ProjectK 2013-07-31 19-06-54-34 ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-18-05-10

In his defense, he does dispense his insults equally, and not even the aloof Blue is safe from his biting comebacks, which often results in heated arguments. On the other hand, since Blue tends to be a bit of a loner, Green might actually serve as an important point of contact in the team.
Wonder-Green is known for saying what the other members think, so he can easily be called the mood setter of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, for better or worse.

Next time, we’ll finally reveal the formidable female fighter in charge of… uh… whipping the other team members into shape.

Next episode:
“Wonder-Pink! Fashionably late.”

Stay tuned!