The story so far:
The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada had begun their attack on Earth, and were giving Wonder-Red and Wonder-Blue a run for their money. Just then, a new member rendezvoused with the rest of the team: the snack-munching Wonder-Green, who probably talks a little too much for his own good. At first, Red was confused how to approach this middle schooler who claimed to be his senior, but he decided there was no time to waste and led the team onward to the enemy.

Hey, it’s Ichi!

In our first character blog, we met with Wonder-Red, our rookie leader. Then came Wonder-Blue (a show off) and Wonder-Green (kind of a brat, honestly). Now, we’re about to get another eccentric member added to our ranks.
The more we learn about the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, the more we learn they’re quite the rag-tag band with perhaps a touch too much of freedom.

Finally, a girl character! She should provide the soft woman’s touch the team so desperately needs on this bleak battlefield. I think?

Here she is.

Wonder-Pink/The Queen of Rage
(Japanese Voice: Yuki Uchiyama, English Voice: Tara Strong)

Chosen to go to the Olympics in gymnastics while still in high school, Wonder-Pink is by far the most flexible and agile of any Wonderful One. She matches this with an advanced proficiency in melee weaponry, specifically with her Beautiful Whip, knit from a next-gen stay-press alloy “Belmont alloy,” for which she is unrivaled.

Pink is known for her “laissez-faire” personality, behaving carefree and sunny during even the most severe missions, as if her duties were just another after school club; however, it is that relaxed attitude that, more often than not, spells disaster for the team. Exceedingly sensitive towards trends, she has decorated her issued weapon with a variety of accessories, and her tendency to prioritize fashion over the mission can occasionally give her superiors headaches. Nevertheless, Pink’s excellent physical aptitude and peerless acrobatics have led the team to countless victories.

Extremely emotional, she sometimes reveals her terrifying true colors when angered.
Pink is especially sensitive to anything said by Green, and she will gladly turn her tormentor into her whipping boy when set off.

ProjectK 2013-08-06 18-05-10-87 ProjectK 2013-08-02 18-34-33-69

For Wonder-Pink, fashion always comes before the mission. Extra care is spent to make sure each eyelash can be seen even through her Wonder-Mask. When she can focus on saving the Earth, it goes without saying that the cutest boys deserve saving first. It’s puzzling to imagine how a high school girl such as herself could be on the frontlines waving off an alien invasion, but the truth might surprise you.

An acrobatic ace, Pink’s weapon is the Beautiful Whip. Her thorn-studded Unite Whip proves her nickname as the Queen of Rage is no mistake, and its punishing reach has the power to crush more than a few GEATHJERK troops.


Draw an S shape for Unite Whip!


Unite Whip it!

[wpvideo kz9NR0P7]


Range is where Unite Whip shines. It might not be the fastest Unite Morph, but its destructive power makes it a force to be reckoned with. Get the enemy dizzy with something like a Climb Attack and Unite Whip will be able to grab the enemy and toss them around. Make the Unite Whip big enough, and you should be able to pick up almost any adversary you come across.


THIS is where you deal the real damage. Slam ‘em!

There are several ways to make the enemy dizzy.
Of course, there’s always a Climb Attack. You also have the option of dizzying an enemy by reflecting their attack with the right timing.


Eat pudding!

There are some spiky enemies, however, that don’t let you so close.

ProjectK 2013-08-06 18-07-24-15

Team Attacks and Climb Attacks won’t work on this guy.
Actually, NOTHING works on this guy, not even your Unite Morphs. Anything you send at it gets shattered!

11 12

My Valiantium Blade… can’t cut him?!

Well, nothing… except Unite Whip. This is the ace up your sleeve.
With Wonder-Pink by your side, you’ll be able to whip away at your enemy and rip that pesky armor off piece by piece.

9 10

Let me help you take that off…

But this isn’t all Unite Whip can do.

13 14

How… are we supposed to get across?

That’s a long way down… doesn’t seem like Unite Build will do the trick here either, but Unite Whip might be just what we need to get across.

ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-12-24-15 ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-26-44-88

Wonder-Pink and Wonder-Green form a fun little duo in the Wonderful 100. Pink is constantly brandishing her whip at each of Green’s ill-placed comments, but could it be he actually enjoys the punishment?

Pink has more faces than just the Queen of Rage, though. There’s a soft spot in her heart for children, and on more than one occasion she naturally assumes the big sister role. She can also get a little carried away in one-sided romance. Well, she’s still a high school girl, after all.

What do the cards have in store for our young damsel in distress? Will Pink ever find her one true love?

ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-40-37-01 ProjectK 2013-07-31 20-34-30-35

Wait, sorry. I was forgetting that this isn’t a dating sim. This is an action game where you’re saving the world from an alien invasion. Pink may have the odds against her if she’s going to try to look for love throughout each mission—in fact, she might kind of be looking for it in the wrong places.

But against all hardships, our team still has their trusted super skill, the Unite Morph. Drop by tomorrow for an additional lecture on the recent possibilities of Unite Morph technology.

Next episode:
Wow! Unite Morphs are the coolest!

Stay Tuned!