The story so far:
Now that Wonder-Pink has joined the team, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh dispose of 4 weapons: a Fist, a Sword, a Gun, and a Whip. However, the invading army keeps putting on the pressure, and it is clear that they exceed Earth’s army in both force and number. In short, mankind is in a bit of a pickle, so the Wonderful One-Double-Oh can only rely on their versatile strength to fight the many dangers that await. In order to prepare for any kind of situation, there was a pressing need for new Unite Morphs.

Hey, it’s Ichi here!
So do you have a clear image of what Unite Morphs are yet?
First, you use the Wonder-Liner to create the battle formation you want by pushing the right stick or drawing a line on the touch screen. By drawing specific shapes with this Wonder-Liner, you can activate Unite Morphs.
Let’s do a quick recap of the Unite Morphs we’ve told you about so far.

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Draw a circle for Unite Hand. Draw a straight line for Unite Sword.

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Draw a right angle for Unite Gun. Draw a wave pattern for Unite Whip.

These are all powerful weapons, but you should know that Unite Morphs aren’t limited to offensive skills. There’s a lot of variety to the types of objects your team can turn into!
Some of them may be used for defense, others just for moving around. There are even vehicles and a special skill that allows you to restore broken objects. Basically, Unite Morphs have endless possibilities and they can get you out of any kind of situation.

Today, I’d like to tell you about the further possibilities of Unite Morphs. Let’s start by looking at the ones you can use in battle!

Reflect enemy attacks using Unite Guts!

It can be quite thrilling to dispatch of your foes using gigantic weapons, but if you have a lot of enemies to deal with at the same time, you might not be able to make things go your way. If you want to make sure the invaders don’t get the best of you, you’ll need some kind of plan.

Unite Guts is activated just by pressing the ZL button. It’s pretty much the starting point for the Wonderful One-Double-Oh’s attacks.

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Behold! Our heroic team unites into a larger-than-life pudding to stop and reflect the enemy’s attacks with their muscular chests! And with PURE PUDDING POWER.

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Boiiiing! The ultimate combination of offense and dessert!

There isn’t an enemy so mighty that it could punch through Unite Guts.
However, the Wonderful Ones can’t hold up this formation for very long, so it’s important to look closely at your enemy’s attacks and Unite Up at just the right moment.
If you reflect an enemy’s attack, the enemy will stagger, giving you ample opportunity for a counterattack. From there on, it’s pretty much at your mercy.

46 49

Oh, I forgot! Swords slice right through pudding!

Unite Guts, with its immense bounciness, is able to reflect most attacks, but there are some things you still need to be careful of.
It’s useless against “sharp attacks,” such as blades and spikes, and “non-physical attacks,” such as lasers and flame throwers. You’ll have to dodge threats like these or figure out some other way to deal with them.

Unite Spring is pretty fast, which always makes it a safe option.

If you want to dodge your enemy attacks, you use Unite Spring.
With a simple tap of the ZR button, the entire team turns into giant spring to quickly get out of the way of incoming attacks.
You can indicate the direction you wish to dodge in by pushing the left stick.

47 48

You’ll be invincible for a short time, so it hardly ever fails.

Of course, you can also use jumps and dashes to avoid attacks, but enemies in this game are pretty aggressive (I would be too if people taunted me by turning into pudding), and we made sure to put a whole lot of them in there, so jumping and running alone might not be enough in some cases.



Neither “Guts” nor “Spring” is available to you from the beginning, so you’ll have to purchase them in the shop. They’re incredibly useful though, so you’ll want to buy these two as soon as you can.

Puddings and Springs? Who comes up with this stuff!?
Let’s move on to something more down-to-earth: vehicles.


Doesn’t get more down-to-earth than a hang glider, eh? Eh?
You see because it goes down… to… Oh never mind.

The Unite Glider is a Unite Morph that allows you to soar through the sky and travel super-long distances by jumping off high places, with all the grace of a majestic eagle. An eagle that can also turn into pudding.


Getting prepped.

First, you draw a triangle with the Wonder-Liner, using the left stick or the touch screen. If you get it right, the Liner will light up in iridescent colors.


Done! Now all you’ve gotta do is jump!

Press the A button to Unite Up!
Once you jump, you will start gliding. You can use the left stick to change direction and to point the nose of the glider up and down.
Once you gain speed, you can slightly lift the nose to gain more distance. Don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds. You’ll be fine.

33 34

We have lift-off!

Can’t have a game without rockets.

Unite build

Unite Build!

To cap things off, let’s have a look at Unite Build.
By using the Wonder-Liner on objects that are broken, have parts missing or are otherwise in an incomplete state, you can restore them to their original form. This is called Unite Build.


Even a broken highway…


… can have its steel frame restored!

So let’s say you’re on a school bus that’s filled with children and hurtling at breakneck speed along a highway destroyed by the nefarious GEATHJERK army. With Unite Build, you’d totally be able to restore the steel frame of the highway and save the day! And if you’re as quick-witted as Wonder-Red, you’ll even give the steel frame a bit of a twist, so that it becomes a jumping ramp.

So you’re not just restoring things, you’re controlling them too, which greatly increases the potential of this particular Unite Morph.

39-241 42

Dilapidated cities, crumbled ruins… you might find objects you can restore in the most unexpected places. If you see something that looks fishy, just hurl the Wonder-Liner at it to see if there’s anything to fix.

This should tell you a bit more about the wonderful “Unite Morph” abilities the CENTINEL-Suits possess. However, the game still has several more variations.
We won’t spoil them for you, though. Finding out what they are is a large part of the fun and the surprises that this game has in store for you!

So, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh have their unparalleled Unite Morphs to rely on in the fight against the alien invaders, but defeating enemies isn’t the full extent of their mission.
As the strongest human beings in the world, they have the obligation to be the biggest protectors of the world.

Next time, we’ll change perspective a little bit as we take a look at how the regular citizens that got drawn into the battle tie into the story.

Next episode:
“Go! The people need saving!”

Stay tuned!