The story so far:
The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has commenced its all-out attack on Earth. These adversaries boast a force 10 times larger than mankind’s, and the only ones who can prevent the total annihilation of our planet are the “Wonderful One-Double-Oh,” a special combat unit consisting of 100 Earthly heroes. The CENTINEL-Suits they wear enable them to perform “Unite Morphs,” allowing them create all kinds of objects by merging together.

Hey, it’s Ichi here.
Right now, I’m sitting at a tiny, dirty desk with mountains of paperwork, sipping at my 5th paper cup of lemon tea while I hammer away at the keyboard. Next to my PC, I have enshrined a delicious piece of cake, waiting for me to devour it as soon as I’m done writing this post. As I type, its mellow aroma wafts into my nostrils, enticing me to forget about deadlines and other such worldly woes. While I, as a petty bourgeois, struggle to fight this temptation, I’m sure somewhere on Earth heroes are fighting something for the greater good. For us…

Of course, heroes need something to fight for. If they were to run off and just bust things up without a reason, they’d be nothing but delinquents.

But I digress.
So who are the Wonderful One-Double-Oh fighting for exactly?
That’s the question I will answer today.

cocktail of destruction

The enemy forces were so much stronger than anticipated, that the Gaia Defense Army couldn’t possibly prevent them from invading the planet.
This is how the fires of war managed to spread across the planet.

50 ProjectK 2013-07-31 15-55-21-71

The once-peaceful Blossom City Elementary School is no exception.
Knowing that they have to protect the children as well, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh find a fresh resolve. However, one of the little tykes bears them quite a lot of animosity for some reason.


Luka Alan Smithee
(Japanese voice: Tomomi Yamakawa, English voice: Debbi Derriberry)

A young Blossom City Elementary School student. Attending Wonder-Red’s (Will Wedgewood) homeroom, Luka is always fighting, playing, and ignoring his studies, making himself a constant trouble for Will. He is a bully’s bully, second to none in mischief, and a problem child that has stumped every teacher in the school.

Rather than sinking Luka into depression, losing both of his parents in an alien invasion gave Luka an impassioned will to fight. Although small, he acts as though he can protect the weak and bring justice to all evildoers. Yet, despite these heroic tendencies, Luka has developed a strong hatred for the Wonderful 100, though they too are fighting on the side of justice.

Better off without em ProjectK 2013-08-06 10-04-20-86

Luka not only despises the GEATHJERK, but the Wonderful One-Double-Oh as well. Even though he’s still very young, his reckless actions will take the outcome of this battle in a direction that no one could have foreseen.

I'll help Ankle-biters Luka solo

Luka makes it very clear that he intends to tag along with the Wonderful One-Double-Oh. But would it really be right for the team to get a child involved? If you’re a superhero who has to protect the citizens, then surely bringing the people you have to protect into the midst of battle would be getting things… well… severely backwards? What will the leader, Wonder-Red, decide to do!?

55 56

This game is not just about fighting invaders; it’s about saving people as well.
And innocent people are in trouble all over the place: in cities, in forests, on the sea, in the sky, on mountains. Everywhere!
It’s up to the heroes to rescue them, and rescuing them is a source of their power as well.


The power of the CENTINEL-Suits allows the heroes to turn the people they rescued into battle-ready forces immediately.
So save as many as you can! If you save any extra citizens after your party has reached 100 people, they will be so happy that their feelings take the shape of a support attack. Makes sense to me!

ProjectK 2013-08-06 10-08-42-18 58

Attack the enemy with several kilotons… of gratitude!

60 61

Even lovey-dovey couples aren’t safe from the GEATHJERK.


Look closely, and you might notice that a lot of the people looking for help have their own unique behavior.

79 78

A Wonderful One!? In a place like this!? He’s not slacking off… is he!?


The GEATHJERK army also uses vehicles like the one above.
It has absolutely zero value as a weapon, but it seems they use it to keep captives locked up. Apparently, it was designed so that you can look through its exterior, to serve as a warning for mankind.

It looks like several people are captured inside. There might even be some Wonderful Ones in there that got defeated. If you spot one of these things, don’t forget to turn its valve to release the prisoners inside.


So, what did you think of this episode?
When rescuing people, try and think of them not just as temporary team members, but of actual people who had peaceful lives before the invaders arrived. This should add a deeper layer to the long, long war journey that awaits you across the globe.
When the war is over, these people will have their daily lives to return to. Our heroes are risking their lives fighting day and night so that the citizens can return to their old lifestyles.

In the next episode, I’ll be telling you about some of the stages that appear in the game.
You’ll be fighting in the sky, on land, at sea and… well… places that are much weirder. One thing’s for sure: it’ll be a non-stop, action-packed thrill ride from beginning to end!

Next episode:
“The World Awaits You!”

Stay tuned!

… But before you go, we have an exciting announcement to make!

There will be a Nintendo Direct dedicated solely to The Wonderful 101 at 7:00 AM Pacific in Northern America, 4:00 PM CEST in Europe (3PM BST) on August 9th and 12:00 AM AEDT in Australia on August 10th!

This episode will be hosted by a special guest you all know and love, who will show you the latest trailer and tell you how to play the game…


After the Nintendo Direct is over though, don’t turn off the Internet just yet, because we’ll have a little something extra to announce shortly after!