The story so far:
The “Wonderful One-Double-Oh” are a special combat unit of 100 heroes whose mission is to confront the fearsome GEATHJERK invaders. However, they have a powerful ally on their side in the form of the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service. CENTINELS has hidden supplies all over the place, but perhaps their greatest assets are the secret bases known as “Wonderful Marts,” which provide power ups for the team’s abilities.

Hey, it’s Ichi here.
I’m sure that, among our loyal readership, there are those who have already put so much time into the demo that Unite Morphs have become like a second nature.
There may even have been people who were surprised by how intuitive the controls feel and how fast-paced the battles are. If you’ve already come this far, you might be wondering what’s next. What other weapons are there? What other skills do our heroes have at their disposal?

The demo lets you toy around with some of the Unite Morphs and power ups right from the start, but the full version of the game will not make things quite so easy. The full version has so much stuff in it that it’ll make your head spin, and you might even start worrying about which skills to buy and what goals to focus on first.

To help you out a bit, we’ll introduce some of the power ups for the Wonderful One-Double-Oh. If you see anything you like, put it on your shopping list for when you start playing the game!


The “Wonderful Mart” is a secret CENTINELS base that is normally hidden inside the ground, and that can only be summoned by Wonderful Ones. The battle against the invaders is sure to be a long one, so you’ll be happy to know you can visit these bases wherever you go, to stock up on supplies.

Even in the most hostile and out-of-the-way locations, the Wonderful Mart provides a vast assortment of goods, giving regular old convenience stores a run for their money.
Food, expendable weapons, and even newly developed Unite Morph data and items that can be used to power up your CENTINEL-Suits with new functions!

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It is said that the ‘O’ in ‘O-parts’ stands for ‘Ore,’ but then, people say a lot of things.

The currency required to purchase items at the Wonderful Mart is known as “O-parts,” which you can obtain by defeating enemies, among other things.
Try to find as many as you can before completing each stage.

Here’s the first new Unite Morph: Unite Ball.
In a previous post, we already introduced Unite Guts, which lets you reflect enemy attacks, and Unite Spring, which lets you quickly dodge attacks. This particular skill is like an evolved version of Unite Spring.

By pressing the ZR button quickly 2 times, the team unites into a ball to quickly roll out of harm’s way. This might sound exactly the same as your normal dash move, but there is an important difference: when dashing, the team members all huddle up around the leader, but when using Unite Ball, they form one big lump, which makes it overwhelmingly easier to avoid enemy attacks.


Hole in one!

When using Unite Ball, you might accidentally end up getting stuck in a hole somewhere. This is not a bad thing! In fact, it might even prove fortuitous…

Next up is the Unite Tombstone, an attack skill that allows you to squish enemies by dropping a large tombstone on their heads.
This attack is activated by pressing ZL + ZR while in the air.
This is perfect for retaliating after using a jump to dodge an enemy attack. Or alternatively, you could knock your enemy into the air and then follow up with this attack to smash them right back into the ground again. This Unite Morph is perfect for action gamers who like to set up combos with versatile attacks.

And then there’s the Unite Drill Spring. Whereas your regular Unite Spring only lets you dodge attacks, the Drill version is an aggressive evolution that lets you pierce enemies for some added damage as well! If dodging alone just doesn’t do it for you, the Wonderful Mart recommends you add a little sting to your strategy.
The Drill Spring is not the only Unite Morph that has an upgrade with offensive capabilities. A similar upgrade for another Unite Morph is currently in development!

And now I would like to bring your attention to our featured product of the day, “Custom Blocks!”

ProjectK 2013-08-12 15-35-39-16

Custom Blocks come at a variety of prices. If you have the cash, you could buy the more exclusive ones first.

Custom Blocks are ground-breaking customization items that you can equip on your CENTINEL-Suit to expand its functions.

ProjectK 2013-08-12 15-48-18-39

The Custom Block equip screen. You can equip as many blocks as you have empty slots.

After obtaining a Custom Block, its effect will be activated as long as you have it equipped, but there is a limit to how many you can equip at the same time. At first, you can only equip 1, but even with only 1 Custom Block, battles will change dramatically.
There are more than 10 different Custom Blocks with various functions, and most of them are available for purchase from the start of the game (whether you have the money to buy them is a different matter entirely, however). If you find a Custom Block you like, it might not be a bad idea to replay some stages until you’ve amassed enough money to buy it.

ProjectK 2013-08-12 15-32-39-06

You can earn more slots during the course of your adventure!

Let’s look at a few examples!

First, there’s Unite Charge.
If you equip this Custom Block, you can gradually increase the size of the Unite Morph you are currently using, just by holding down the A button. (Of course, you’ll need a corresponding number of members and enough Unite Gauge)

Large Unite Morphs have great destructive power, but they are reduced to their normal size after a while, and once they’re small, you’ll have to draw the correct shape again to make them bigger.
With this Custom Block, you’ll easily be able to create large Unite Morphs without disrupting the flow of battle. It’s available in the demo, so why don’t you try giving it a spin?

Next up is the Dodge Mine.
In order to use this, you need to get the Unite Spring first, but once you’ve got this Custom Block in place, every time you dodge, you’ll place a destructive mine as a nice little surprise for your dumbfounded enemy.
The mine will explode automatically after a while, but you can also place it close to your enemies to have them trigger it actively.
This Custom Block is available in the demo as well. Try wreaking some havoc with it!

The Hero Counter is quite expensive, but it’s more than worth the money.
By pushing the left stick towards the enemy, right before the enemy lands a blow, you’ll be able to not only reflect the blow, but to follow up with a counterattack as well! A formidable skill, I’m sure you’ll agree.
You’ll need a lot of practice before you can get the timing and the direction exactly right, but if you’re an expert player who is looking to have high-level edge-of-your-seat battles against formidable enemies, this is the item you want.

There are more Custom Blocks than the ones mentioned here. Some of them will increase the recovery speed of the Unite Gauge, others will slow down time when you dodge enemy attacks with just the right timing. There are many variations, so picking which ones to take into battle when you have such a limited number of slots can be quite difficult.
You might want to try out some combinations that work well together, such as the block that “recovers your health gauge when you reflect an attack with Unite Guts” with the block that “makes enemies drop items when you reflect an attack with Unite Guts.” By doing so, your play style would have to focus on using Guts to dish out damage, so depending on the Custom Blocks you use, the way you play the game will be different as well.

And last but not least, there are “Skills.” Like the Unite Morphs and Custom Blocks, these can be bought at the Wonderful Mart, but they have no limitations in their use, and they are activated as soon as you buy them. They’re quick and easy-to-use power ups that mainly reinforce your team’s actions.

If you buy the Attack Liner, you can deal damage by extending your Wonder Liner and overlapping it with an enemy. As long as the Liner is extended, time slows down, allowing you to attack specific enemies or enemies at a distance relatively safely. It’s only a small trick, but depending on how you use it, it may prove useful for something.

The Speed Liner, as the name implies, increases the speed at which the Wonder Liner extends. You might consider buying this once you get used to working with Unite Morphs. When your team starts getting bigger and you need to draw bigger shapes more frequently, the Speed Liner will help you draw lines faster to make combat more convenient.

So, what do you think? I may have ranted for a bit too long, but there’s actually a whole bunch of items I haven’t even mentioned yet.

The Wonderful Mart has a large variety of goods, ranging from cheap bargains to expensive collector’s items, so it’s fun to just keep playing in order to make money (O-parts) and go on a shopping spree! You can play the game in many ways, depending on whether you want to make money, clear stages as fast as you can or just do lots of crazy stuff.

Having all these items at your disposal is all well and good, but what’s the point if you don’t know who to use them on? That’s why we’ll take the next episode out to tell you about some of the really dangerous enemies you’ll run into.
The GEATHJERK army boasts a force 10 times stronger than mankind, but this is not just a simple matter of enemy numbers. Some enemies possess fearsome skills, and others are clad in armor hard as steel. You’ll need all the items and skills you can get your hands on.

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