The story so far:

To stand up against the invaders of the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada, the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service formed a special combat unit known as The Wonderful One-Double-Oh. To assist them as they fight along the front lines, the CENTINELS have established emergency strategics bases known as Wonderful Marts in various locations across the planet to replenish and support our masked team of heroes.

Hey, it’s Ichi.

Now, after getting the hang of Unite Morphs, expanding the team, stocking up on restorative items, and purchasing a slew of skills, Custom Blocks and other power-up items, we should think that the Wonderful One-Double-Oh are starting to look a little formidable, right? Unfortunately, that’s still not exactly the case.

Our battle is with Earth’s greatest enemy, the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada. We can’t just expect to win against them with a little brute force.
Having planned attacks on the Earth 40 years, and then 20 years ago, this is the JERK’s third invasion, we need to be a little more prude than thinking they don’t have any diabolical strategy hidden up their sleeves.

This time around, let’s take a look at some of the GEATHJERK’s top forces.


Anti-Infantry Infantry Support Craft
A small flying saucer for the grunt infantry Dough-Goo.

They may just look like little punks, but they buzz around like an annoying pack of flies.
They ping away from their comfy seat and take forever to lay a single hit on. You can either use Unite Gun to take them out one by one, or, if you’ve got enough members, form up a huge Unite Morph and see if you can take out a few with a blind swing.


I don’t think there’s going to be enough room for everybody?

When you do defeat a You-Hough, they leave their little saucer behind. Try taking a ride sometime: you might be able to reach somewhere you couldn’t before.
Also, very rarely, an enemy will leave behind a weapon after you defeat them. This applies to all enemies, not just You-Hough. They’re all disposable items to use then and there with only a few uses, but you might as well just blast away with them whenever you find one.



It’s important to note, however, that your team’s movement speed will see a sharp drop when carrying one of these items. If it’s being more of a hindrance than a help, shake the left stick right and left a bit to let go of it.


Autonomous High-Mobility Battle Vehicle

The heavy armor-plating acting like a front-shield to this mobile cannon makes it almost impossible to scrap with direct attacks. You can try to sidestep around it and attack from behind, but with its high-tech rotation motor, it’ll probably spin its shield around and block you from any direction. If you take too long it can charge at you, jump, dive, and do all kinds of other attacks not very fitting of a tank. Instead of trying to take this enemy head-on, it’s best to wait for the cannon to fire and send it back.



Fight cannon fire with pudding, just like they taught at CENTINELS prep.


Space Beast

Where does the GEATHJERK find these guys?
Here’s one example of some biological weapon they’ve carried from some corner of the galaxy. For an enemy as big as Diedough-Goo, it certainly isn’t as slow as Diedough-Goo is. Its tail boasts a pretty decent attack range as well, so don’t take these enemies lightly.


If it starts whipping its tail, try dodging with a jump.


Space Amoeba

Part of the “Strange Stuff from Space” series (Well, we might make it a series. Okay, probably not) It’s unknown if this enemy is even cognisant, but it definitely seems to have a penchant for chasing around the Wonderful One-Double-Oh. Regular attacks seem to be completely ineffective against this tricky enemy’s slimy exterior.


Step in any of the gunk it spits out and yikes! Your team will be stuck and at the complete mercy of Nyerk.


Well, if blunt objects aren’t the way to go about this…

This episode we discussed a few JERKs that require some unique strategy, but this is still just a small part of the entire army lurking out there. When you encounter an enemy you haven’t seen before, take a good look at it. You might be able to recognize some weird part of it that could be the key to taking it down quickly.


Some of these enemies are like a pile of armor! You’ll need a plan to defeat them.


Is that a… Unite Hand?!

Are there enemies out there that can use Unite Morphs?!

Next time we’re going to talk a little about some of the more mysterious characters from the game, and how they’re involved in the story.

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“Mysterious Characters”

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