The story so far:
The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has arrived for the third time in 40 years, and this time they’ve brought their biggest army yet. The CENTINELS and the Gaia Defense Army have been getting prepared to deliver various supplies and new equipment to heroes all over the world in order to face this threat.

Hey, it’s Ichi!
Last time, I introduced some members of the GEATHJERK army that were particularly unique, but in terms of sheer fishiness, nothing beats the mysterious guy that appeared at the end.


Fishiness Point 1: He looks human. But he’s an enemy?
Fishiness Point 2: He wears a sinister mask. Not a heroic one!
Fishiness Point 3: His complexion doesn’t look healthy.
Fishiness Point 4: Is that a UNITE MORPH!??

And that’s just by looking at a single screenshot.
The most disconcerting part is Point 4: he looks to be using a Unite Morph. Perhaps you already spotted him in the latest trailer we showed you, but there is no mistake that he is indeed wielding a Unite Morph. Is he human? Is he one of the Wonderful Ones? And how is he connected to the GEATHJERK?

Today, I would like to find out about this mysterious man and the various characters surrounding him.


Guyzoch Space Pirates Leader
(Japanese voice: Sho Sudo, English voice: Quinton Flynn)

An alien from the Rhullo comet. Prince Vorkken is an outlaw who formed the powerful, 100-member strong Guyzoch space pirate band, and now serves as their leader. Arrogantly believing there is no one that could match his skills, he blatantly disregards the existence of others. Thus, his life consists of traveling from planet to planet in search of skilled soldiers, whom he overpowers and forces into servitude, constantly increasing his forces.

Vorkken has an exceptional understanding of the battlefield, a trait he has seemingly exhibited since birth. His Vanzen Suit, made by the most talented scientists on Rhullo, enables him to execute techniques equal to, or possibly superior to the Unite Morph: the Unify Morph. The Unify Morphs can be even further strengthened by installing complex, high-tech Unify Morph data in the high density holographic memory of V-Star, the autonomous information robot always by Vorkken’s side.

Vorkken & Chugi Vorkken

Prince Vorkken is constantly observing the Wonderful One-Double-Oh from the shadows. He seems to intend to have the Wonderful One-Double-Oh “bow to him” for some reason…


Vorkken also commands a large group of subordinates.

151 158

His force rivals even that of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh.

Prince Vorkken disposes of a skill called the “Unify Morph,” which is very similar to Unite Morph, perhaps because the Rhullo comet has a nearly identical chemical civilization to Earth. Judging by his appearance and his fighting style, it is clear that is different from the GEATHJERK horde. No one knows why he decided to visit Earth as the leader of the space pirates, but it must be related to the GEATHJERK attack somehow.

Before long, he shows himself in front of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, and he challenges them to a duel (give or take a few hundred) as if to show them his strength.
Unite Morph VS Unify Morph. This battle will not be a clash of mere power and technology; it will be the strength of each team’s bonds that decides what fate awaits. Which side will emerge victorious!?


Guyzoch Space Pirates First Officer
(Japanese voice: Kiyoyuki Yanada, English voice: Fred Tatasciore)

A stalwart soldier of Prince Vorkken’s Guyzoch Space Pirates. As commanding first officer, Chewgi is always beside Vorkken as his right hand. He is the most powerful member of the pirates in terms of brute force, but is of a quiet nature and rarely speaks. Chewgi firmly believes that even the battlefield is a place for proper manners, respecting the power of opponents and always fighting fairly.

While his body blows pack plenty of power alone, Chewgi is also skilled in a variety of attacks using his prized dual naginata, which not only features sharp blades, but can be spun at an amazing speed to create an impenetrable barrier that deflects any incoming attack.

153 154

Chewgi is the man Vorkken was exchanging words with regarding the Wonderful One-Double-Oh.
He’s a solemn man, always by Vorkken’s side as his trusted adviser, and a genuinely fearsome warrior to boot. He seems to control his own personal Unify Morph, known as the “Unify Naginata,” which not only boasts a wide attack range, but a devastating spin attack to keep the enemy at bay as well.
Despite his prowess as a warrior and his strong sense of justice, Chewgi serves under Vorkken, disguised as a pirate. What is it that ties these two men together?

And if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve probably also caught a glimpse of the mysterious young lady below.


Is she friend or foe?

It’s unclear where here allegiances lie, but I can tell you one thing: her name is Immorta!

“Mysterious woman” Immorta
(Japanese voice: Miho Shinada, English voice: Stephanie Lemelin)

Too trusting screenshot20130806172437

She appears in front of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh from time to time, only to taunt them when she does. She doesn’t seem to belong to the GEATHJERK army, but she can hardly be called an ally either. Despite possessing high combat capabilities, she never engages in combat of her own accord and she tends to disappear as soon as she arrives. Her objectives are as shrouded in mystery as her identity.

The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has suddenly attacked planet Earth.
The CENTINELS and the Gaia Defense Army keep fighting the invaders headlong.
Now Prince Vorkken, his subordinate Chewgi and their gang of space pirates have appeared to cause even more chaos in the Wonderful One-Double-Oh’s lives.
And then there’s Immorta, of whom we know practically nothing at all.

The more characters take to the stage, the clearer it becomes that this war is not a simple matter of “humans versus the GEATHJERK.” The result of this war may very well affect the entire galaxy.

But enough with all these bad guys and shady types! It’s high time I introduced another member of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh to you! Next time, we’ll look at Wonder-Yellow, a heroic soldier arriving (slightly tardy) from the north. He may just bring the very thing the Wonderful One-Double-Oh need the most right now.

Next episode:
“Wonder-Yellow! The Sweet King of Destruction”

Stay tuned!