The story so far:

The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has invaded the Earth and is seeking out complete domination.

But the GEATHJERK aren’t Earth’s only extraterrestrial visitors. Last time we met two other outside forces, one belonging to a band of Space Pirates, and one a mysterious visor-capped girl. Both appear continually before the Wonderful One-Double-Oh throughout their missions, but for what cause? What other surprises could lie ahead for our heroes?

Hey, it’s ICHI.

We’ve got geeky teachers, cops playing by their own rules, kids, high school girls… the Wonderful One-Double-Oh is starting to be a colorful cast. There still, however, might be something they lack…

Something admirable?

No, I know you weren’t thinking that. They are a tag team of superheroes from dozens of locations around the globe, they get plenty of hometown recognition. They’re popular! They’ve got Wonderful One-Double-Oh cereal, Wonderful One-Double-Oh comics, action figures, you name it! These guys are well admired, don’t you worry. It’s not even out of the ordinary for them to have editorials in the paper or their own corner on TV shows.

So no, no, no, they don’t need any more adoration than they already have. No, what they need is muscle. And lots of it. A nice huge slab of muscle would probably be perfect. When swords begin to bear cracks and arrows snap, it’s muscle that you’re left to rely on. You need abs of steel. If you’ve got muscle in excess, that just means you’ve got enough to protect yourself, and your teammates as well.

Today, we’ll be introducing the oversized, brawny, shy little sugarpuff of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh, Wonder-Yellow!
The Hammering Ruskie/ Wonder-Yellow
(Japanese Voice: Hiroyuki Honda/ English: JB Blanc)

A member of the Russian army and hero to its people, Wonder-Yellow is so strong that he has survived several trying missions through brute strength alone. As the “tank” of the team, he brings a tank-sized contribution to any mission, serving as the backbone that holds together the somewhat haphazard group of Wonderful Ones. Despite his large figure, he actually has an extremely gentle personality, frowning upon violence and fighting and seemingly impervious to any of Green’s insults. He is also shy to a fault, feeling awkward in public, and reticent to take action, but he makes up for these short-comings with his incredible scouting skills.

The kindness that emanates from Yellow has a healing effect on those around him, making him the mental support the team relies on when the situation is grim. It also helps that Yellow’s muscle has saved the team in a pinch, time and time again.

His weapon, the Peta-Peta Hammer, is made of the heaviest metal in the galaxy, Peta Omorium. His Unite Hammer is strong enough to smash through even the sturdiest GEATH-Titanium.

A father of two, Yellow spends his down time with his family.

Being an Army man during the day, a Wonderful One on the call, and a swell dad during his time off, Wonder-Yellow keeps busy.

The absentminded peaceful attitude that just seems to radiate from him in any situation grabs a hold of the other members, sometimes causing tense situations to diffuse before anyone can realize what happened.

Some of the very non-hero-sounding, weak-willed sentiments that he tends to say can cause some concern, but then the team just takes a look at those biceps again and all their troubles melt away.

He easily swings around his Peta Peta Hammer, made from the heaviest metal in the whole galaxy, probably justifying his name as the Hammering Ruskie. The sheer power of his Unite Hammer would send the puck of a circus strength tester to the moon and back, and pounds through any kind of enemy armor you couldn’t pierce through by any other means.


Draw a line followed by a circle for Unite Hammer!

Press A and whack away!


The Unite Hammer’s first and foremost appeal is simply its power.

It takes some time to swing, and doesn’t have a lot of range, but all that really matters is landing the hit—the damage should be decent enough.

Another strength of Unite Hammer is that whereas other weapons just get knocked back after trying to swing at heavily armored enemies, Wonder-Yellow can pierce right through these enemies’ plating and break the armor apart—definitely a nice additional skill to have up your sleeve.

”…Shield?” What’s a shield?

With a decent amount of members at your disposal, you can draw some huge Unite Hammers with enough power to turn the tables on even the biggest opponents with just one thud.

Should you wait for an opening in the opponent’s defense, or should you get the opponent dizzy and then whack on him? Unite Hammer’s strength lies all in how you use it.


What’s wrong, Unite Hand? Jealous?

Here’s another Unite Hammer PROTIP: When you’ve just got the hammer out and aren’t attacking, you’ll hold it above your head, making it a nice canopy to avoid enemy missiles and such coming from above.

Hammer, or missile umbrella?

There’s another way Unite Hammer comes in handy as well, this time outside of battle…

Floor! Outta my way! Unite… Hammer!!

Whenever you see cracks in the floor below you, or some kind of nail-like object sticking out of the floor, don’t think: hammer.

It might just pave the way to a new area when you’re looking stuck.

Look at those Wonderful Ones swim.

Usually, when your team jumps into the water, they float automatically. They’re exceptionally trained heroes, which means their legs don’t get tired and absolutely no drowning.

Sometimes, however, you as the player might notice something that our Wonderful One-Double-Oh may not.

Maybe it’s because our silly heroes are so focused on the mission, but they seem to be less quick-witted at the bottom of the ocean.. It is your obligation as the 101st hero on the team to help guide them.

Unite Hammer!

Wow, that hammer’s so heavy the whole team sinks to the bottom!

There are probably some nice items and other things hidden around there, so be sure to keep an eye out.

He’s the most muscular member of the team, while also kind of the biggest wimp. At times, his tendencies to get stuck on one decision for ages can leave the rest of the team speechless.

Deep down though, we know he’s a good guy. With power comes responsibility—Yellow is well aware of this, and that’s what makes him a true hero fit for the Wonderful One-Double-Oh.

Our team of Wonderful Ones is gradually continuing to grow, but we’re not ready for battle yet. There’s still a long, long road in front of us. Next time we’ll meet another new member. Someone able to sneak through any obstacle with little trouble at all. And he’s a ninja!

Next Episode:

“Wonderful-Ryu, the Ultimate Ninjutsu!”

Stay Tuned!