The story so far:
The GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada has launched an all-out attack to invade planet Earth. The CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service has issued an emergency summons to all special soldiers known as “Wonderful Ones.” These heroes, with a large variety of backgrounds and skills, are now about to gather…

Hey, it’s Ichi.
The Wonderful One-Double-Oh have been joined by Wonder-Yellow, bringing his Herculean strength into the mix. It’s safe to say that the team is slowly starting to form a solid base for the final battle.
We are now acquainted with 5 of the 100 heroes. Come to think of it, if these 5 are already so wonderfully… uh… unique, the entire team must be like a veritable walking circus! I mean, 100! That’s like… at least… 20 times as much as 5!
And sure enough, the hero we’re going to introduce to you today is another humdinger!
He’s a mystery of the East from far across the ocean; he hails from Japan and he’s adept at using his ninja skills to infiltrate various places without being seen or even making a single sound.

His name is Wonder-White!

The Claws of Calamity, Wonder-White
(Japanese voice: Yoichi Nishijima, English voice: Yuri Lowenthal)

A young master of the 100-year-old Wonderful-Ryu ninjutsu. He is the only member of the team who does not have a weapon developed by the CENTINELS, instead using Dantenmaru and Zanjimaru, weapons passed down through his family for generations.

Valuing discipline and harmony, Wonder-White never forces his own beliefs on others, thinking it more honorable to meditate with his thoughts quietly. While the rest of the Wonderful 100 often run with their emotions, he is the only member who is calm and collected, able to analyze the situation objectively. Working as an aid to the inexperienced Red, he is a silent support for the rest of the team.

Well… Maybe not so silent. White’s penchant for proverbs and long-winded introductions often finds him spinning out of control, waxing philosophical even in the midst of combat, and ultimately becoming a nuisance to the rest of the team.

He enjoys tea and Japanese sweets. His favorite words are, “If I am to die, may it be upon the straw tatami mats.”

90 93

Although still young, Wonder-White’s appearance radiates calmness and dignity, a result of his mastership of the 100-year-old Wonderful-Ryu. He excels at assessing situations, and remains cool-headed enough to be watchful of those around him under any circumstances. However, it is this modest disposition that prevents him from taking center stage or trying to lead others, so he mainly stays in the shadows, providing a supporting role to the leader, Red.

In the battle with GEATHJERK, he uses “Dantenmaru” and “Zanjimaru,” two family treasures of ancient and noble origin. With his Unite Claw, nicknamed the “Claws of Calamity,” and his superbly honed skills, he can slice his enemies to shreds at a ferocious speed.


Draw a zigzagged line for Unite Claw!


Use the A button to chop up your enemies!


Unite Claw is all about attacking swiftly. In terms of sheer attack speed, these claws know no peer. The amount of damage per hit may not be very high, but if you just keep pounding away, you’ll do plenty of damage AND you’ll earn lots of combo points to boot! You’ll even release a shockwave with each slice, so these claws have a very decent range as well. If you find yourself surrounded by a large number of foes, going crazy with Unite Claw will usually do the trick.


Enemies can even be frozen. That’s how cool ninjas are.

But this isn’t the only power hidden in Unite Claw. If you keep hacking away at the enemy, you can even freeze them! These claws are so fast they just completely stop enemies in their tracks! Is there nothing the Wonderful One-Double-Oh can’t do!? And once you’ve turned your enemy into an overgrown popsicle, you can whip out Unite Hammer to smash the frozen freak to bits! Once you’ve learned the finer techniques of the Unite Claw, you’ll be able to call yourself a true Wonderful-Ryu master!


A door that is shut tight, but doesn’t have a keyhole. A cracked wall that is blocking your way. If you ever find yourself at a dead end like this, that means it’s time to bring out Unite Claw.
Even forbidden passages can be pried open as long as there’s even the teensiest crack to shove your sharp claws into. This is an absolutely essential skill for any self-respecting ninja!

178 179

But it’s not just doors that can be forced open. Even enemy armor can be easily stripped if there’s an opening to wedge Unite Claw into.
Once you have learned how to expose an enemy’s weak spot and give it the pummeling of a lifetime, you’ll understand the deeper meaning of the Wonderful-Ryu.


But this amazingly versatile weapon has even more uses, and not just restricted to combat either! By sinking your claws into walls, you’ll be able to traverse vertical surfaces and even ceilings! This should allow you to advance in situations where there’s not a whole lot of footing to go around.
If you spot a wall that looks scalable, just try ramming your claws into it, and you might just find something interesting!

Ichi Ni San Beacons of Hope

Despite the Wonderful One-Double-Oh being made up of rather self-assertive members, Wonder-White is unusually quiet and extremely cooperative. However, whenever… well… anything happens, he tends to go off on a rant, quoting his favorite proverbs and maxims at length. Perhaps this is his own clumsy, roundabout way of expressing himself, but his monologues tend to be so long-winded and incomprehensible that the others quickly lose interest.

The release of “The Wonderful 101” is almost upon us!
And there’s only 1 member of the main cast left for us to introduce to you.
So next time, we will tell you about a brilliant Wonderful One with an IQ of over 300:

Next episode:
“Wonder-Black, the 11-Year-Old Super-Hacker!”

Stay tuned!