The story so far:

In response to an all out invasion by the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada, the Earth assembled a special combat unit of 100 of its greatest heroes, the Wonderful One-Double-Oh. In our last episode, we met Wonder-White, who was cutting across new paths for the group with his Unite Claw. Hurry, Wonderful One-Double-Oh! There’s only so much time until your release date is finally here!

Hi, it’s Ichi.

We’ve introduced six heroes to you so far: Red, Blue, Green, Pink, Yellow, and White.

We’ve only got one hero left to talk about until we’ve covered everyone on the game’s package art.

The character we’ll be introducing this time takes a little getting used to… that’s with regard to his personality, and his Unite Morph. However, if you can figure him out, he’ll prove to be a great asset to the team.

Let’s bring him out.

Everyone, meet Wonder-Black!

The 8-bit Enchanter, Wonder-Black

(Japanese Voice: Orine Fukushima/ English Voice: Kris Zimmerman)

An 11-year-old super genius with an IQ of over 300. While an active Wonderful One based at the New Delhi field office, Wonder-Black is also enrolled in a technical university in the United States, where he devotes himself to mechanical engineering research. He has enjoyed playing with machines ever since he can remember, parlaying this interest into numerous contributions to advanced science and technology. His accolades in field combat are equally impressive, as Black is especially gifted in solving cyber-crime.

Never showing much emotion, during missions Black is usually absorbed in his video games, never saying a word; however, inside his head, he is constantly thinking and preparing for what lies ahead. Nearly the same age as Green, the two have a close relationship, and will often lose themselves in ridiculous conversations, even in the middle of battle. After all, for all of Wonder-Black’s adult achievements, he is still a child.

His weapon, a personal invention he coined the Time Bomb, has the ability to slow down the flow of time in its direct blast radius.



Wonder-Black totes his handheld gaming system around with him anywhere he goes, whether he’s on- or off-mission. It makes sense that an 11-year-old sometimes needs to kick back and play a game or two, but you also have to remember that he’s skipped so many grades that he’s in college. Possessing an IQ of 300, he spends a lot of his time helping out Professor Shirogane in the CENTINELS Science Research Center.

To the papers, he’s the 8-bit enchanter, but his talents go far beyond the lo-fi realm. Along with data collecting for the team, he can find his way around most anything mechanical and make it work for him.


Draw a circle followed by a line for Unite Bomb.


Press A and blow stuff up!


There’s something special about Unite Bomb that you won’t find in another Unite Morph—the ability to slow down time. Although it’s slow and doesn’t have the best range and power, making it look a little lackluster. It takes learning how to use Unite Bomb with other Unite Morphs to find out how it can really shine.


Use Unite Bomb to slow enemies down mid-charge.

Once you catch the enemy in a freeze frame, you can slide around to a more effective positioning, or switch to a more powerful Unite Morph. When faced with a fast predator, don’t forget the usefulness of Unite Bomb.


No such thing as a cheap shot! Stop time and have at ‘em!

Toss a Unite Bomb at an enemy right when they start to stagger. If you catch them at the right time, you might be able to take them out with a never-ending line of Unite Bombs.

You… might also want to consider switching to another Unite Morph to help speed things up. Unite Bomb isn’t that super strong.

Unite Bomb is a Unite Morph that opens up a lot of possible strategies on the battlefield. It might take some time to master, but once you have, battles will become a lot easier.


Oh, there’s a giant drill that just seems to be hanging out in our way. Now what are we supposed to do?


Oh right, Unite Bomb! Slow the spin down and it changes appearance completely. Might even be able to walk up there…

Watch out for other times where you might need to rely on Unite Bomb’s abilities during your journey.

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The Wonderful One-Double-Oh, a special combat unit of 100 superheroes created with the goal of saving this world. We’ve met seven of them so far, but I’m sure the remaining 93 are a powerful bunch themselves, with their own weapons, nicknames, and stories to tell. You’ll have the chance to learn all about the rest of the team in the game itself, when it comes out.

For our next episode, let’s take some time to mention some of the more important figures that make up the CENTINELS Planetary Secret Service. As they provide CENTINEL-Suits and new weapons to our heroes, devise battle strategies, take care of transport and airship battle, they’re worth getting acquainted with.

Next Episode:

“CENTINELS! Our Helpful Friends”

Stay Tuned!