This is the director, Yamanaka.
As we’re at the beginning of this blog, I thought I’d write about the concept behind Anarchy Reigns and its appeal.

Up until now, we at PlatinumGames have focused on single player action.
We’ve learned enough by now that we think we’re ready for the online, multiplayer crowd.

Vs. fighting, online. And not just me against you, a whole group bashing it out. Simply put, Anarchy.

But what’s good about it?

We wanted to make a new kind of multiplayer fighting game, building off these three concepts:

1) A rush you can’t find in a 1-on-1 action game, of never knowing when someone might strike from behind.

In the past, fighting games have been a mental battle centered around trying to read your opponent. The difference with Anarchy Reigns is that there could always be someone else lying in wait, aching to drive a chainsaw through you at anytime.
You can try to have a straight fight with the person right in front of you, or take a breather if your health gets low, or even just wait for the opportunity to slam some killer attack on two people dueling it out (and not noticing you). There are plenty of strategies to choose from.

These choices create a sense of tension that we haven’t seen in typical fighting games up to this point.

2) Stages that feel alive with things happening across the stage constantly, forcing players to change battle strategies on the fly.

This game isn’t just about a fight between you and your friends. Anarchy Reigns comes with an ATE (Action Trigger Event) system that continually brings changes to the environment to impede/wreck havoc on you.

One moment you might be running out of a room that started creeping with toxic death gas, and suddenly an airplane crashes right in front of your face. Right when you think you’re safe, a gigantic monster appears and starts charging at you. Then there’s a bounty on your head and everyone starts targeting you. And so on. In order to stay alive and finish in first, you’ll need a better strategy than just to “defeat all opponents”.

3) A diverse cast with a diverse set of weapons and abilities, mixed together in a heated game that pushes action to a level previously only dreamed of.

The characters in Anarchy Reigns possess some superhuman abilities. This isn’t an FPS where it’s all about who can find the biggest gun: Anarchy Reigns is all about melee combat, so the power lies in the characters themselves. Each character comes with a killer weapon attached on their person in some fashion that they can pull out for some massive damage.

These killer weapons are really something to be seen.

Fusing these three concepts together we think has created a game with a new genre: a multiplayer online brawler.

There are plenty of different types of matches to try out as well. Try chaos in large numbers, go smaller, or even play a co-op match.

We hope you can enjoy brawling in a game where Anarchy Reigns!