On the Way

PlatinumGames’ offices are located in Umeda Sky Building, about ten minutes’ walk away from Osaka station. It’s a convenient location, with parks, cafes and all kinds of shops close at hand. More than half of our employees walk to work or commute by bicycle.

Around the Office

You won’t find cubicles in our offices. We value a casual atmosphere that encourages open communication. From audio recording and mastering rooms, to a reference library, to a free space where employees can play games both old and new, we have everything we need to create great games.

Time to Unwind

Our employees are responsible for their own working hours. When it’s time to take a break, there are plenty of ways to relax – a trip to the Umeda Sky Building gym, informal hobby-sharing Lighting Talks and a little friendly game time are just a few possibilities. You can’t make games if you don’t know how to play, after all.