Equal Opportunity

PlatinumGames does not base hiring decisions on the physical abilities of applicants, and welcomes applicants of all abilities. We welcome any and all applicants with the drive to put their skills to the test against new challenges!

If you’re interested in working at PlatinumGames, please see our Mid-Career Recruitment page for a list and descriptions of available positions.

The qualifications and application materials necessary do not change based on an applicant’s ability. However, we are happy to discuss your needs with you and make reasonable accommodations with regards to work hours, etc., to ensure a welcoming work environment.

If you will need special accommodation for your disabilities, please submit the following along with your application:

  • A copy of medical documentation describing your physical condition (such as a shougaisha techou for applicants residing in Japan)
  • A simple explanation, in your own words, of your abilities and days or times you are able or unable to work, etc., as well as any other points for consideration.

  • To apply, please prepare the documents and materials, and submit them either through our Online Application** or by postal mail.

    **When preparing files to submit through the online application form, please ensure that your name is included in each filename. Please note that only PDF, JPG, PNG and GIF file types can be directly uploaded, and that there is a maximum size of 5 MB per file. If you need to upload files greater than 5 MB in size, or in formats other than those listed, please feel free to use external services such as Dropbox, firestorage, YouTube or Vimeo, or your own online portfolio. If you do so, please provide the URL where your materials are located with your application.