Hello, everyone! PlatinumGames game designer Isao Negishi here. I was in charge of designing levels and RPG elements for NieR:Automata! It’s my privilege today to announce that NieR:Automata, which we developed along with Square Enix under the direction of YOKO TARO, has now sold over four million physical and digital copies worldwide!

First of all, sincere thanks are in order for everyone who’s played and supported NieR:Automata up until now. We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you!

I also must congratulate our collaborators over at Square Enix, producer Yosuke Saito, YOKO, character designer Akihiko Yoshida, composer Keiichi Okabe and all the other talented creators who helped make NieR:Automata a reality. Four million sales is a tremendous accomplishment!

To be perfectly honest, I don’t really have a good sense of just how massive that number is! But then I look at the reaction we get on places like Twitter and YouTube, and I realize there are four million people out there playing and loving our work. It’s a truly humbling realization.

But enough from me! Now I’d like to share some comments and illustrations some of my coworkers at PlatinumGames made to commemorate the occasion.

The two years since NieR:Automata was released have passed by in a flash, and in those two years, we’ve hit four million sales. That’s a new number in PlatinumGames’ history for sure. It’s all because of you fans out there who’ve continued to support us and NieR:Automata. I sincerely thank you!

Up until now, it’s felt like YOKO TARO and Square Enix were humoring us as we invited ourselves in to the world they created, but looking at that number, I finally feel at home. Thank you in advance for all your continued support!

—Eijiro Nishimura, Producer

Four million, huh… That’s well beyond any boundary I could’ve imagined. To be honest, I have a hard time picturing exactly how much that is. But I know one thing for certain: That’s an awful lot of people playing NieR:Automata, and for that, I’m extremely grateful! Please keep playing!

—Koji Tanaka, VFX Artist

Congratulations to everyone for selling four million copies! Sincere thanks to everyone who worked on NieR:Automata, and to everyone who played it. I hope that, under their black blindfolds, 2B and the rest of the YoRHa looked exactly as you imagined.

—Takahiro Iwagami, Cinematics

Four million is such a huge number to imagine. I can’t thank all the fans who got us to this milestone enough! I hope NieR:Automata keeps selling, little by little, until the time comes when I have to write something to commemorate selling five million…

—Shohei Hirakawa, Programmer

Congratulations on four million copies of NieR:Automata sold!! We got there all thanks to all of our fans. Thank you so much!! That’s all I have to say.
Oh, one more thing! I’m very happy that so many people have enjoyed the game.

—Kazunori Tazaki, Character Modeler

Have you ever suddenly realized that a child in your extended family is all grown up now?
For me, that child is NieR:Automata.
(Congratulations on four million sales.)

—Ryo Onishi, Programmer

Congratulations on reaching four million! Sincerest thanks to everyone who’s played NieR:Automata. Knowing that so many people have played a game you worked on is the greatest joy a developer can know.

—Yasuhiro Naka, Sound Designer

Congratulations on four million sales!
Though there are now more than four million copies of NieR:Automata out there in the world, my family didn’t buy a single one of them. I guess they’re just not gamers. So to make up for it, I want to hold tight to this feeling of gratitude I have for everyone who bought and played the game, forever! Thank you so, so much!

—Maho Miyata, Game Designer

NieR:Automata was the first title I worked on as a character modeler since I joined the games industry, so I’m delighted to see so many people playing it! Thank you very much!! Now I think back to modeling for the game; the work felt like it was never done, and eventually all those complex feelings got packed into the Flight Units. I hope you’ll keep using those Flight Units to take out Machine Lifeforms for years to come! Glory to mankind!

—Yoshikaze Matsushita, Character Modeler

Four million! That’s amazing! This is a whole new, wonderful experience for me. I’ve got nothing but thanks for all of the fans who made it happen. Thank you!!!

—Shohei Kameoka, Lighting Artist

I’m extremely happy that NieR:Automata has made its way into the hands of over four million people. I’m grateful for all the success the game has found since it was released, from winning various awards to hitting new sales milestones. But the deepest impression NieR:Automata has made on me came from the fun of watching it take shape, and then taking my first steps into the completed world once it was finished. That’s how much NieR:Automata has come to mean to me personally.

—Hisayoshi Kijima, UI and Concept Artist

Congratulations on reaching four million sales!
I look around and it’s sold so well – I can’t believe it! I’m grateful to have worked on a game loved by so many people.

—Kana Yamamoto, Environment Artist

To think that NieR:Automata is still so beloved, two years after it first came out – it’s truly amazing. I want to say congratulations to everyone who helped make it! And thanks to all of you who played it!
Brother… Please move… We sold four million copies, so you can move again, Brother! Brother, everything’s going to be okay!

—Misaki Shindo, Sound Designer

I’m happy to have worked on a game that so many people love so much. Since the game came out, my heart hasn’t stopped pounding, for all sorts of reasons. Thanks so much to everyone who’s played it!

—Takayuki Muranaka, Animator

I was shocked to hear that so many people played NieR:Automata. It’s such a high honor I could pass out! To everyone who bought it, and everyone who recommended it to other people, and everyone who enjoyed it along with their friends – everyone who’s been interested in NieR:Automata and supported it up to now – thank you so very much!

—Mari Fujita, Game Designer

As the months passed on after NieR:Automata first went on sale, the game continued to get media attention. To this day, every time I’m reminded of how beloved NieR:Automata is, I feel energized and motivated. Thank you, everyone! Please keep spreading the word about NieR:Automata!

—Masanori Takashima, Cinematics

I’m always surprised to keep hearing this sort of news about NieR:Automata, even after all the time that’s gone by since it first came out. I remember when I read the scenario for the first time, back when I started working on the project, and thinking, “This is really something…”

—Yuki Suda, Artist

Four million! Congratulations!! That’s so amazing…
It’s an honor to have worked on the game!

—Namie Higa, Environment Artist

Congratulations on selling four million units. Even though a decent amount of time has passed since NieR:Automata’s release date, it’s still starting conversations. It’s come so far, huh? I’m truly proud to have worked on it.

—Tomoko Nishii, Artist

Congratulations on hitting four million!! I’m super glad we sold so much!! Thank you, everybody!!

—Shohei Takada, Game Designer

I only helped out a little bit with NieR:Automata, but I’m still happy to see it sell so well. Congratulations to the whole team.

—Kazunori Inoue, Programmer

Congratulations on four million sales! I’m so happy that NieR:Automata has delighted so many people for so long! I’m proud to have contributed to it in some little way.

—Misao Kubota, Environment Artist

I was only involved in NieR:Automata’s development for a short time, but I’m honored to have even a small hand in such a major title! I know people will keep talking about it for years to come.

—Kenta Okura, UI Artist

I’ll admit that when NieR:Automata first came out, I wasn’t sure it would sell well, being sandwiched between a few big-name games’ release dates. But look at it now! Four million! Congratulations!!

—Takenobu Okabe, Programmer

To think that YOKO TARO, whom I was so close with, is now the Four Million Sales Man… It’s taken him so far away from us. So I feel happiness, but also loneliness, raging in my heart. Sincerest congratulations to him, and nothing but utmost gratitude to all of the people who played NieR:Automata. I truly, truly thank you.

—Takahisa Taura, Game Designer

Now, to close things off, a video message from Taura and Hideki Kamiya!

What do you think? Did our joy, our surprise, and our gratitude towards all of you who made this milestone possible come across through their comments and illustrations? One more time, thank you all so much!

That’s enough for now, though. NieR:Automata has given us a lot to live up to, so we’d better get back to work on our next titles! Keep cheering for us, okay?