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We’re happy to announce that the Wonder-Size Cadet Demo for The Wonderful 101: Remastered is now available.
Check out the trailer first!

Wonder-Size Cadet Demo

As the name suggests, this demo delivers Wonder-Size amount of content, including Platinum-level epic boss battles and a lot of in-game goodies! Enjoy the prologue and all of Operation 001, a total of about two hours of gameplay!

A lot of bonuses like in-game currency and a selection of support items are also available from the start of the demo, so that even beginners can set off on this dynamic adventure fully equipped.

Best of all, you can transfer save data from the demo to the full version and pick up right back up!


The hidden character Wonder-Bayonetta can be used from the start of the demo. She can be chosen as the leader at any point during an operation, and has a special Unite Morph!

Unite Morph: Scarborough Fair

  • Draw a Unite Gun sign to Unite Morph.
  • Firing all four guns at once, this attack has a large effect radius.

Special Abilities:

  • Dodge enemy attacks with the right timing to enable Witch Time, slowing down enemies in the vicinity.
  • Summon Gomorrah for a special dodge maneuver by pressing the Dodge button.

Unite up with Wonder-Bayonetta and play the free demo version of the game now!

Wonderful Codes

The v.1.03 patch adds a new in-game “Wonderful Code” feature to The Wonderful 101: Remastered, allowing players to enjoy the same bonuses as the demo, as well as many others! Don’t forget to update to the latest version!

To celebrate the release of the Wonder-Size Cadet Demo, we’re sharing two in-game Wonderful Codes:

Unlocks “Wonder-Bayonetta”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unite Gun”

Unlocks “Wonder-Jeanne” and “Wonder-Rodin”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unite Hammer”

Unlocks “Wonder-Captain”, “Wonder-Scarf”, and “Wonder-Gramps”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unite Whip”, “Unite Bomb”, and “Unite Drill”

Unlocks “Prince Vorkken”, “Chewgi”, and “Immorta”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unify Boomerang”, “Unify Naginata”, and “Unite Bowgun”

Unlocks “Wonder Red (Emeritus)”, “Wonder-Future”, and “Wonder-Daddy”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unite Claw”

Unlocks “Poseman”
Unlocks Unite Morph “Unite Big”, “Unite Cannon”, and “Unite Launcher”

*From the in-game Menu, Please check Files>Unite Morphs for details on how to use Unite Morphs.