Hello everyone!
Welcome to the second Sentinel Report. In this Sentinel Report and the next, we will be sharing messages from the Babylon’s Fall Operations Team about Character Building, separated into Basics and Advanced.

In Basics, we will be sharing elements that are also used in orthodox hack and slash games, and in Advanced we will focus on the unique customisation elements in BABYLON’s FALL. There is plenty of information, so please stay with us until the end! If you are already familiar with hack and slash games, feel free to start with Advanced!



What is “Character Building”?

Since this is the Basics, let’s go over the term “Character Building”, a key component of hack and slash games.

◆ What is a “hack and slash” game?

Hack and slash is a genre of games where fighting enemies is the main content.

It may be easier to imagine the hack and slash gameplay in BABYLON’S FALL from the image below.

To explain the flow of the game simply, you repeat battles and building to take on stronger enemies and more challenging quests.

This “building” part is the theme of this Sentinel Report, “character building”.
Generally speaking, character building is used as an umbrella term for multiple customisation features. “Which pieces of equipment do I choose?” “Which skills do I learn?” “Which Enchantments do I set?” Making your own choices from these many options to create a strategy just for you is one of the charms of character building.

From this point, let’s look at “how to become stronger in BABYLON’S FALL”!


Equipment Slots

To become stronger in BABYLON’S FALL, the basic principle is to “equip stronger weapons and armor”. There is a total of 12 slots where you can equip weapons and armor, as shown in the image below.

At first, you start with 4 weapons, 4 pieces of armor, and 1 piece of accessory. Through progressing the story, more accessory slots will be unlocked, and different Gideon Coffins can be equipped.

Changing the weapons and armor equipped to each slot to your liking is the basic principle of character building.
From the next section, we will be explaining how to distinguish different pieces of weapons and armor.


Equipment Power

The most important thing when looking for stronger weapons and armor is the Power Level.
The higher the Power value, the better the weapon or piece of armor.

Weapon Power The higher the Power Level, the more damage it inflicts
Armor Power The higher the Power Level, the less damage you take from enemy attacks


When changing equipment, a comparison with the one that is currently equipped is displayed on the right side of the screen, so we recommend changing to those with higher Power Levels.

Quest Recommended Power

If the total power fulfils the recommended power of the quest, it will be easier to complete.
If it is less than the recommended power, we recommend going back to completed quests to collect equipment with higher power.


Equipment “Elements”

The next topic is about the “elements” that weapons and pieces of armor are imbued with.
In addition to the basic non-elemental, there are three other elements: Fire, Ice, and Lightning.
Depending on the affinity of elements, the weapon element affects the amount of damage inflicted and the armor element affects the amount of damage taken.

If you land an attack with a stronger element, the damage figures are displayed with decorations above and below them as seen in the image below.

Some pieces of armor are imbued with resistances to each element.
The higher the resistance to the respective element, the lower the amount of damage taken; the lower the resistance the higher the amount of damage taken.

In the case of this image, it decreases the amount of fire element damage taken and increases the amount of ice element damage taken.


Equipment Enchantments

Enchantments are special effects that are activated under certain conditions.
Enchantments are attached to equipment, and equipment with higher rarity have more enchantments.

Rarity Additional Effects
Common Nothing
Uncommon Random Effect
Rare Random Effect
Random Effect
Legendary Fixed Effect
Random Effect
Random Effect
Random Effect
Divine Fixed Effect
Random Effect
Random Effect
Random Effect


Many enchantments are triggered by certain conditions or actions. Combining these enchantments is key to create a unique and powerful character.

Conditions that trigger enchantments include the following:

  • After a perfect dodge, 〇〇 effect
  • When you have a certain amount of HP or more, ◇◇ effect
  • Landing consecutive attacks will activate △△ effect

Here is an example of a combination of enchantments attached to a weapon, a piece of armor and an accessory.
You can create a slowed down space with a perfect dodge, poison the enemy, and set the enemy on fire by landing consecutive attacks.

Of course, this is just one example. There are various other effects such as recovering HP or SP, speed boosts, and summoning a barrier that reduces damage taken by party members. Optimising different enchantments for each quest will bring you one step closer to an advanced player!


Character Building Basics: Summary

Let’s summarise the main points of “Character Building Basics”.

  • Equipment is separated into 12 slots: four weapons, four pieces of armor, a maximum of three accessories, and one Gideon Coffin
  • Generally, equipping weapons and armor with higher power levels will make you stronger
  • There are non-elemental, Fire, Ice, and Lightning elements
  • The affinity with the enemy’s element affects the amount of damage inflicted and the amount of damage taken
  • Enchantments attached to equipment grant various special effects


To start with, you can just focus on changing to equipment with higher power levels, or weapons and armor with many enchantments!
Once you are comfortable, try choosing the best elements and enchantments for each quest, and you should be able to experience further heights!


What’s in store for the next Sentinel Report?

The next Sentinel Report is “Advanced Character Building”.
We will bring you more in-depth customisation features, so please read on!


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