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Continuing on from the previous Sentinel Report on character building, we will be moving on from the Basics to explain the unique customisation features in BABYLON’S FALL in Advanced!

Advanced Contents


Gideon Coffin

The Gideon Coffin is an iconic piece of equipment used by the Sentinel (player character).
Progressing the story will unlock Dynamis abilities, and you will also be able to make use of Enchantments specific to the Gideon Coffin.

The type of Gideon Coffin that can be equipped depends on the Sentinel’s faction, with differences in the Dynamis abilities and enchantments that they can use. By levelling up your Sentinel, you can upgrade your Gideon Coffin and customise it to your liking.

◆ Gutwork

The most prominent feature of the Gideon Coffin is the Gutwork that is specific to it. Gutwork are special actions that utilise the Gideon Gut with various advantages.

Soul Vault

Tether to an enemy with the Gideon Gut and perform manoeuvres such as vaulting in their direction to close the gap or ambushing them by landing behind them.


Soul Snatch

Tether to a downed or recently killed enemy and steal their HP and SP.


Soul Share

Tether to allies with the Gideon Gut and fortify them with certain buffs.


Soul Corrupt

Tether to an enemy with the Gideon Gut and weaken them with debuffs.


◆ Gideon Coffin Customisation

Gideon Coffins have four progression paths. Each stat can be upgraded by spending GP.

GP are obtained when the Sentinel levels up. By distributing GP on the Gideon Coffin, it can be customised.

However, you cannot max out all of the progression stems. It is therefore important to decide which features to prioritise and combine.


Base Equipment Stats

In addition to power levels and elements, weapons and armor are made up of several base stats.
You only need to worry about the power levels in the early stages of the game, but if you want a character build that is more suited to your playstyle, then you also need to pay attention to the stats of each piece of equipment.

◆ Weapon Stats

Weapon performance is determined by five stats. Also, shields have a stat that is exclusive to them.

Damage Influences the weapon’s base damage dealt to enemies with each attack.
The higher the value, the more damage it will inflict.
Critical Influences the probability of your weapon to deal devastating critical hits to enemies.
The higher the value, the higher the probability that a critical hit will be dealt.
Impact Influences the knockback damage dealt to enemies with each attack, and a high value will increase the probability of knocking an enemy to the ground.
Spirit Siphon
(excluding shields)
Influences the amount of Spirit regenerated by each attack.
Higher values will result in more Spirit being replenished.
Speed Influences the attack speed of your weapon.
The higher the value, the faster your weapon will be.
(shields only)
Influences the amount of damage absorbed by shields.
The higher the value, the more damage will be absorbed when holding your shield in the guard position.


◆ Armor Stats

Armor stats can affect HP/SP, resistance to knockback effects as well as the speed with which you can recover from them.

Vitality Determines your maximum HP and the speed at which potions are used.
Higher values are better.
Stability StabilityInfluences your resistance to knockback effects as well as the speed with which you can recover from being knocked back.
Higher values are better.
Spirit Regen Determines the speed at which your Spirit regenerates automatically.
Higher values are better.
Spirit (SP) Determines your maximum Spirit.
HIgher values are better.


The stats of weapons and armor can be Upgraded at the Forge.
The stats that make equipment distinctive tend to grow further through upgrading, so upgrading is effective for equipment with characteristics that you like.

The Forge will become available in the HQ through progressing the story.
In addition to upgrading, you can also craft and enhance weapons and armor, so it would be a good idea to visit the Forge to prepare your equipment when you return to HQ.


Attack Modes

Through progressing the story, you will be able to switch between Attack Modes with different characteristics. The three types of Attack Modes are StandardPower and Technical, which can be set for each weapon.

◆ Standard Mode

A basic Attack Mode well suited for stringing together combos.
Spectral Attacks executed while using Standard Mode consume relatively little Spirit, and Spirit regenerates quickly.


◆ Power Mode

An Attack Mode well suited for delivering powerful blows.
Your Spectral Attacks can be charged even longer while using this mode, allowing you to deliver devastating hits that deal high amounts of damage. Attacks unleashed while using Power Mode drain Spirit rather quickly, so you’ll need to carefully time your blows.


◆ Technical Mode

A mode well suited for technical players that enjoy complex combos.
Timing a Spectral Attack to coincide with the flash that occurs after certain combo finishers amplifies damage dealt, making this a lethal Attack Mode for those with an impeccable sense of rhythm.



Accessories are pieces of equipment that only grant enchantments. Through progressing the story, you will be able to equip a maximum of three accessories.

There are also some enchantments that are unique to accessories, such as giving you the ability to perform special actions. By selecting accessories to complement the enchantments of your weapons and armor, you will be able to pursue a character build that is more suited to your style.


Advanced Character Building: Summary

Let’s summarise the main points of “Advanced Character Building”.

  • Customise your Gideon Coffin, paying attention to the distribution of GP
  • Select and enhance weapons and armor, also paying attention to the base stats
  • Switch between attack modes to select actions that suit your playstyle
  • Combine accessories and pay more attention to enchantments


Lastly, please see examples of character builds that make use of all these elements in the videos below.

Debuffer Build

A build focused on giving debuffs to enemies.
Not only can you give them debuffs, but by attacking enemies inflicted with debuffs, additional effects are triggered.
The debuffs “Slow”, “Poison” and “Electrofield” are inflicted in this video.


Rapid Multi-Hit Attack Build

A build that grants buffs such as multi-hit, attack power boost and attack speed boost, triggered by number of hits landed or killing enemies, powering you up the more you attack.
It requires the skill to dodge enemy attacks and attack continuously to fulfil the conditions, but high-damage attacks can be expected with this build.


Parry to Buff Build

A build that boosts attack power by using defensive actions (successful blocks and parry attacks).
Create an opening by parry an enemy’s attack to deliver a powerful attack.
Pay attention to the buff icons that appear in the top left of the screen every time a condition is met.


There are builds suited to each quest in BABYLON’S FALL. Please pursue your own character build using the knowledge that you have gain from this Sentinel Report!


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