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For this Sentinel Report, we asked the PlatinumGames creators who designed the world of BABYLON’S FALL about points that they are particularly proud of.
Please enjoy until the very end!


Concept Art

Hello, I’m Kyung Jin Woo, in charge of concept art.
Concept art determines the direction of a title. I have paid attention to every little detail to fully express the world of BABYLON’S FALL.

The artwork for this game is designed based on high fantasy that you may see in movies, rather than low fantasy. The aim was to express the solemn medieval feel.

This part is a guide for creating the game by visually representing the various factions and monsters that are packed with characteristics of the game lore, so I think that you will be able to feel the atmosphere of BABYLON’S FALL even more.

Kouji Tajima’s artwork of factions

Please enjoy the atmosphere conveyed by the concept art by immersing yourself in the lore while playing the game. There are many concepts and pieces of content that are waiting to be released, so please look forward to them.



I’m Eisaku Onishi, in charge of cutscenes for BABYLON’S FALL.
Cutscenes depict the story of the game.
In order to express the unique high fantasy world of this game, we included many cuts that emphasise light. To make the oil painting art style stand out, we made the characters and backgrounds blend together with zoomed out shots and used lighting that leaves an impression of the texture,the characters and the atmosphere of the stage on the viewer.

Also, we used two types of cutscenes to portray BABYLON’S FALL. The first is a “real-time movie”, the second is a “cutscene that takes the style of painted pictures, telling the story through galleries”.


The ones who rise to answer the wishes of the people, and the powerful enemies who stand in their way. Please enjoy the complex and spectacular story of bitter farewells and finding hope in new encounters while the characters aim for the top of the tower “Babylon”.




I’m Kan, in charge of background creation.

We focused on creating images that make up the unique world of BABYLON’S FALL.

In addition to the oil painting style filter, we paid close attention to shaders, textures, and the balance of hue/brightness of the whole screen, aiming for a renaissance period painting style, making it all come together with a modern touch. We have specially prepared actual screenshots from the game, so please have a look!

Many members of development staff are involved with creating scenes through trial and error. Please try admiring the scenery while you are playing.

In this world, the various cultures of the militaristic Domitinian Empire, the factions enslaved by the Empire, and the mysterious Babylon are mixed together to form their ideologies and civilisations. We have included symbols in the background to show the merged religions and aesthetic values, so I hope that they will help everyone feel immersed in the game lore.

Starting with the port where people gather, the various dungeons inside the Ziggurat, contraptions full of surprises and a wide variety of scenery await you, so please look forward to it!


UI (User Interface)

I’m Kota Toyoda, in charge of UI.
UI is an important feature that connects the game and the player through menus and displaying information. We paid special attention to the ease of navigation and aesthetics.

Regarding ease of navigation, it has been designed with “easy to understand” and “organised information” as the top priorities.

Navigation is all on the left side, information on the right

With regards to aesthetics, the overall image of the UI is a vision that is seen through a gadget provided by the Empire.

The “cursor” controlled by the player is designed based on one of the key concepts of BABYLON’S FALL, “Dynamis”.


I hope that you can feel immersed in the world of BABYLON’S FALL through the UI.


Visual Effects (VFX)

I’m Takuma Haruki, in charge if VFX (visual effects).

We have been creating effects that fit in with the lore of BABYLON’S FALL.
To complement the lore behind the Gideon Coffin that is the source of the characters’ powers, we have included stringy effects based on the Gideon Gut in gimmicks and battles.

One of the concepts is a western painting style, so by mixing in oil painting-like elements in wind and smoke effects and adding in elements based on oil paintings in the screen transition fade animations, we have made the lore more convincing.


In this Sentinel Report, we interviewed creators from five parts: “Concept Art”, “Cutscenes”, “Backgrounds”, “UI” and “VFX”. Each part is taking various approaches to create this beautiful and unique world.
The next Sentinel Report will be a deep dive into “the appeal of the sophisticated music”. Please look forward to it!


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