Install The Prince Vorkken DLC to unlock a new mode that lets you change the main player character to Prince Vorkken Ohgee, heir to the throne of the comet Rhullo and leader of the star-spanning Guyzoch Space Pirates! As Prince Vorkken, the Multi-Unite ability is replaced with “Enemy-Unite,” which summons a host of “Unify Monster” alien beasts!

The Prince Vorkken also works with the free Time Attack DLC. Use Prince Vorkken’s Enemy Unite to carve out a new path, and perhaps a faster time!

*Players can switch freely between normal mode and The Prince Vorkken mode after installing The Prince Vorkken DLC.


DLC Information

Title: The Wonderful 101: Remastered The Prince Vorkken
Platforms: Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Steam
Release Date: August, 28th, 2021 (JST)
Price: PlayStation 4: $0.99/€0.99/£0.89 | Nintendo Switch: $0.99/€0.99/£0.89 | Steam: $0.99/€0.90/£0.80
Online Support: None
Number of Players: 1
Publisher: PlatinumGames Inc.
Copyright: © PlatinumGames Inc.


Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 4