PlatinumGames will broadcast a special live stream on Friday, August 27th starting at 8PM PST/11PM EST. This program will feature information about the Apple Arcade release World of Demons, our upcoming title Sol Cresta, and The Wonderful 101: Remastered currently available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

The program will be presented in three parts, with Part 1 focusing on World of Demons and featuring special guests who will offer some behind the scenes takes on the game’s development and present some additional info. During Part 2, we’ll reveal the first stage of Sol Cresta for the first time as we play along! And in Part 3, we’ll share some information about the newest DLC for The Wonderful 101: Remastered.

There will be a ton of information about our current and upcoming projects you’ll only be able to get from the stream, so be sure to tune in!


Program Information

Title: PlatinumGames’ Super Summer Festival Live Stream
Time: August 27th at 8PM (PST)/11PM (EST)
*Planned running time is approximately 2 hours

Part 1-World of Demons
・Secrets of WOD development with special guests Matt Alt and Hiroko Yoda
・New World of Demons info

Part 2-Sol Cresta
・Sol Cresta Let’s Play with director Takanori Sato
・Sol Cresta event info

Part 3-The Wonderful 101: Remastered
・The Wonderful 101: Remastered DLC info

Atsushi Inaba (PlatinumGames Studio Head)
Hideki Kamiya (Platinum Games Chief Game Designer)
Koji Tanaka (Producer, World of Demons)
Ryoya Sakabe (Director, World of Demons)
Hiroshi Yamaguchi (Lead Composer, World of Demons)
Takahito Washisaka (Producer, Sol Cresta)
Takanori Sato (Director, Sol Cresta/The Wonderful 101: Remastered)
Yuji Nakao (Producer, The Wonderful 101: Remastered)

Special Guests:
Hiroko Yoda (President of AltJapan Co., Ltd.)
Her experience includes working on the localizations of titles such as Dragon Quest VIII and Nioh, and the manga series Doraemon. She is the author of Yokai Attack!: The Japanese Monster Survival Guide and its sequels, Ninja Attack! and Yurei Attack!

Matt Alt (Co-founder of AltJapan Co., Ltd.)
In addition to his work as a translator, his writing has appeared in The New York Times, The Economist 1843, Vice, and The New Yorker website. His latest book is Pure Invention: How Japan Made the Modern World (Crown, 2021).

Hiroko and Matt have also written a blog post about the development of World of Demons! Please check it out before tuning in to the stream.
World of Demons: Who are the Yokai?


World of Demons

Platform: Apple Arcade *Subscription required. Apple Arcade content and availability may vary by country or region.
Compatible Devices: iPhone/iPod touch (iOS 13 or later), iPad (iPadOS), Mac (macOS Catalina), Apple TV (tvOS 13 or later)
Genre: Action
Release Date: April 2nd, 2021
Developer: PlatinumGames Inc.
Copyright: © PlatinumGames Inc.
Rating: 12+
Supported Languages: Japanese, English (US, UK, Australia, Canada), French (France, Canada), Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Korean, Chinese (Traditional, Simplified), Arabian
URL (Apple Arcade):
URL (PlatinumGames):



Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam
Genre: Free-Form Docking and Shooting
Release Date: 2021
Publisher: PlatinumGames Inc.
Copyright: © PlatinumGames Inc. / ©HAMSTER Co.
Official Website:


The Wonderful 101: Remastered

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam
Genre: Unite Action
Release Date: June 11th, 2020
Price (Physical and Digital): $39.99/€44.99/39.99GBP/A$59.95
Publisher: PlatinumGames Inc.
Copyright: © PlatinumGames Inc.
Rating: ESRB: Teen
Number of Players (PS4/Steam Offline): 1-4
Number of Players (Switch Offline): 1-5*Does not support share play
Switch Lite Support: Supported
Languages: Japanese / English / French / Italian / German / Spanish *English and Japanese voices are included
Official Website: