An update for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Steam versions of SOL CRESTA has been released as of December 21, 2022.

The version number for each platform is as follows:
Nintendo Switch: Ver. 2.0.0
PlayStation 4: Ver. 2.0.0
Steam: Ver 2.0.0

Note: The version currently installed is displayed on the bottom-left of the game’s Title Screen

▼Additional Content Compatibility
・Added compatibility for the following additional ships: CR47, Wing Galiber and Wing Galiber II.
The above ships may only be played with the purchase of additional downloadable content.

▼Additional Elements
・In addition to Stage 1, Stages 5 and 7 may now be played in Caravan Mode.

・Added additional elements that allow for secret bonuses to be awarded.

・Changed the Continue feature
It is now possible to continue the game Arcade Mode and Dramatic Mode. Once the “Continue” screen appears after a Game Over, it is possible to continue playing without restarting the Stage by pressing the Start button.

・Updated the Sol Gauge for secret ships Fuso, Musashi and Zero.
You can now enjoy a different play style for each of these three ships.

・Eased the difficulty of the escape section
The difficulty of the escape section during Stage 7 has been eased. From this update, Game Overs will not occur during this section, and score bonuses will be applied if players can complete this section with little damage.

Information on previous updates:

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