The story so far:
An alien force has invaded the Earth, and mankind is on the brink of extinction. The alien invaders refer to themselves as the GEATHJERK Federation Supreme Armada.
From all over the world, 100 costumed heroes have been summoned to form the special combat unit called the “The Wonderful 100.” How will they deal with this threat!?

Hey, it’s Ichi here.
As promised, today I will tell you about the Wonderful Battle System, which forms the meat of our heroes’ activities.

You can move around the leader character by pushing the left stick, and the rest of the team will automatically follow. 


We’ll follow you anywhere, fearless leader!
(Note: all of the screenshots were taken from the Japanese version of the game.)

Hold down the Y button while moving to DASH.

Heroes never walk, they run. And they leave trails of rainbows too.

The dash button also functions to gather all members around the leader.
Even if your formation gets stretched out, a simple tap of the Y button will make all heroes flock around the leader, so it’s very convenient for quickly dodging enemy attacks as well!

Your characters will huddle up for as long as you hold down the Y button.

If you fail to avoid an enemy’s attack, the team members that got hit will scatter all over the place and become unconscious.
This means they will not be able to join the battle for a while, and they won’t respond to your call for assembly either. You’ll have to run to their aid and wake them up yourself.

The B button is for JUMPING.
Press the button again while in the air to perform a Double Jump. All heroes can do Double Jumps. It’s part of the job description.
Jump while dashing to greatly increase your jumping distance!

After skillfully dodging an enemy’s attacks, you’ll want to follow up by pummeling them into oblivion.
Press the X button to have your companions valiantly RAM into your enemy. This is called a Team Attack.
Keep hitting the X button to body-slam your buddies into your foes without remorse.

You’ll do more damage with a larger party. There’s strength in numbers!

If you pull off the Team Attack correctly, the members that so selflessly torpedoed themselves into danger will start climbing on top of the enemy to pound it into shape. This is what is known as a Climb Attack.

Once they’ve got a firm grip on the enemy, they’ll keep dealing damage without your help.

Keep stacking up the Team Attacks and, before you know it, your team of trusty heroes will subdue and incapacitate the enemy. This is your big chance!

Even frightful foes will fall when faced with a formidable force.

This is when the “Wonderful One-Double-Oh” get to show their true worth.
Work your magic with the right stick! Or, of course, you can also use the Wii U’s touch screen to draw a line with your finger.

Your allies will form a line.

Your troops will form a rank that corresponds with the line you drew.
As long as the stick is pushed, time will slow down, so you can take your time to draw the shape you want.

Draw a circle for Unite Hand! When the line lights up red, you know your guys are ready to deal some punches!

If you draw the right shapes, the color of the line will change.
But don’t worry! Even if you mess up, you can just tap the Y button to gather your heroes and try again from scratch.
Once you have the shape you want, press the A button to…


Unite Hand!!

I-it’s huge! You’d almost start feeling guilty for slapping bad guys around with this… Almost! No mercy or compassion for those bloody invaders! Hit that A button and hit it GOOD!
Unite Attack!!

Kerpow!!! Eat hot fist!

This is the power of the versatile “Unite Morph.”
But that’s not all! The more members you have in your party, the bigger the shapes you can draw, meaning your weapons will become more powerful!

Things seem to be getting out of hand.

If you recruit heroes with new weapons, you’ll be able to morph into more than just a fist: there’s a sword, a gun, a whip, and various other weapons.
Each weapon has its own unique characteristics, so make sure you use the right weapon for each occasion!
Use your dashing and jumping skills to dodge attacks, then use Team Attacks to slow down the enemy and immediately unite up to deliver the final blow with a Unite Attack! These are the basics of the Wonderful One-Double-Oh Battle System.

So how about it? Does this give you a bit of an idea of how our heroes dispatch their foes?

Next time, we’ll introduce some of the Wonderful Ones and the weapons (Unite Morphs) they wield. And as a special treat, we’ll also tell you what kind of powers each Unite Morph has!

Next episode:

“I’m Wonder-Red! The Leader.”

Stay tuned!