The Platinum Collection is a new feature at where we’ll ask our creators to share a little bit on one of their favorite works, and then ask you the fans to tell us your opinion. For this initial segment we’ve caught one of our composers, Akira Takizawa, right before bed to choose a song he’s worked on that he’s particularly fond of.

Hello all, this is Akira Takizawa, music composer from PlatinumGames currently suffering from a few cavities. Up until now, I’ve done everything from hip hop to orchestral arrangements, but the piece I’d like to discuss for this blog is a little different.

When I worked on Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance, I had the opportunity to remix a song by Jamie Christopherson and Ferry Corsten: The Hot Wind Blowing.


I took Jamie’s mind-blowing heavy metal combined with Ferry’s refined technical synth arrangement and added some notes, played with it, cut and mixed some things up and watched how things turned out. At the time I had just been put on the MGR team and still couldn’t really tell right from left, but I stayed focused on just making good music. It was my first time doing a remix as well, but the original song was so good that I was able to have fun working on it the whole time (I’d really love the chance to do something like it again).

The only place you can hear this in the game is during the Blade Wolf DLC, so it’s a somewhat more rare piece of the MGR sound collection. It fits with the game perfectly so if you haven’t been able to check Blade Wolf’s story out yet, be sure to do so.

Anyway, it’s time for me to brush my teeth, so I’ll end things here. Until next time.

Akira’s a composer who’s been with PlatinumGames since Anarchy Reigns. Below are just an example of a few of the tracks he’s contributed:

Anarchy Reigns (Production)
Kill Em All
Rock On
We All Soldiers

Metal Gear Rising:Revengeance (Platinum Mix)
Rules of Nature
Dark Skies
Return To Ashes
A Soul Can’t Be Cut
I’m My Own Master Now

What’s your favorite Takizawa piece? Share your opinion in the comments, and if you’ve got a reason why, let us know. We’ll tally up the votes and see which track is the fan favorite next Thursday.