Hello, designer Mari Shimazaki here!

As on the previous two Bayonetta iterations, I am the lead character designer and art director for Bayonetta 3.

In this second blog entry of mine, I’d like to introduce you to the concept art and final character models for a few characters we know and love—Jeanne, Luka, Rodin and Enzo.

Let’s get straight to it!



I’d like to go through these guys one-by-one, starting with Jeanne.

Jeanne. Bayonetta’s rival, ally, and fellow Umbra Witch. Like Bayonetta, Jeanne has undergone a full-on makeover for the new game.

You may have noticed that Jeanne carries out a bit of infiltration in the recent trailer—hence the spy-like ensemble. She has a penchant for head-turning clothing, so she’s sporting 60’s fashion topped off with some chinoiserie accessories.

Something I was quite particular about here was her hairstyle. Jeanne had a pixie cut in the first game, which contrasted with the long, straight hair she had in Bayonetta 2. So I wanted her to have this wavey hairstyle for Bayonetta 3.

I’m sure it was tough to turn this design into a 3D character model, but the developers did an amazing job and she looks wonderful.

Maybe we managed to bring out another facet to Jeanne’s allure?

Now I didn’t actually intend this, but if you put her next to Bayonetta in her braided hairstyle…they give off a soft aura, right?

*Check out some more info on the designs of Bayonetta and Viola here!




Next up is Luka.

Luka has grown into a stronger and more prominent figure since Bayonetta.

This time, Luka is wearing the coat and equipment of his late treasure hunter father in an even more dignified manner. He inherited his love of the color blue from his father.

I take the same approach as I do for Jeanne. Every time I place a lot of focus on how curly the bangs of her hair are and how they frame her face and eyes. I always make sure to consult with the team when we do model checks for Jeanne. I think hair is also a part of facial modeling, so for Bayonetta, Jeanne, and Luka I always get the team to be as specific as possible when it comes to the character designs. Being a creator is not easy, trust me…

In addition to all of this about modeling, the team works together to create the details of the textures so as not to lose any of the important aspects of the design or the unique presence of each character.

The characters of Bayonetta have always been rather difficult to model, because they sport very unique proportions from head to toe and are packed with detailed accessories and complicated hairstyles.

Modeling is really complicated each and every time we make a Bayonetta game. I always give modelers a tough time and I am grateful for their support!


Rodin and Enzo

Finally, we have Rodin and Enzo.

The style the pair are sporting here matches the casual look we saw Bayonetta wearing in the last blog entry I wrote. They look a lot more laid-back than usual. When I see Rodin like this it makes me wonder if he actually has a whole shelf of sneakers on display in a corner of the Gates of Hell.

As for Enzo, you’ll understand the reason for his fashion as you play the game.

What kind of story will play out with these guys in their brand-new looks? You’ll have to wait until the game’s release!


Mari Shimazaki
Freelance designer.
Worked on Bayonetta, Bayonetta 2, Bayonetta 3, and many other titles as a character designer and art director and is currently working on several projects.